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To: Charlie Baker, Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey

Prioritize Teacher Vaccinations in MA

Prioritize Teacher Vaccinations in MA

School districts around the state are returning students back to in-person, full-time instruction. We need to prioritize teachers and teaching faculty to be eligible immediately for vaccinations. 32 other states have included teachers and educators into Phase-2, MA should do the same!

Why is this important?

In the COVID-19 rollout plan for Massachusetts, teachers and academic instructors are included in Phase 3, effectively putting them in line with the general public. Teachers have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to provide a semblance of normalcy to a disrupted academic year to the students of Massachusetts and will continue to do so moving forward, and should be protected by the vaccine immediately. As districts throughout the state are returning more students to in-person, full-time instruction, this is a change that needs to take place as soon as possible. 

To all the parents of school-aged children here in MA, if you truly want your children to be safely back in-person, please make yourselves heard!

Please join me in telling Governor Baker and the Massachusetts Vaccine Advisory Group that teachers deserve better and should be included in Phase 2 distribution of the vaccine (and is consistent with where other states have prioritized this profession).

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