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To: Gov. David Ige, Dr. Libby Char, Hawaii DOH, BOE and DOE, Mayors: Rick Blangiardi, Mike Victorino, Mitch Roth, Derek Kawakami

A Call For Safer Travels and Safer Schools

1. Require pre-travel test for ALL travelers who want to bypass the mandatory quarantine.

2. Provide high quality masks (N95, KN95, KF94) for the community, with the greatest priority on our public school students and campus-based staff.

3. Encourage teleworking and allow parents to keep their keiki home (without penalties to parents or students).

Why is this important?

1- Prior to July 8th all travelers were required to test in order to bypass a 10-day quarantine. While this did not prevent COVID19 from entering Hawai'i, it did help slow the amount of cases entering the state. We need to bring back required travel testing for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers NOW. Most travelers arriving are not tested and while vaccinated people may have less severe disease it is now obvious that they could very likely be carriers.

2- Government officials have touted “personal responsibility” as the way to contain the spread of COVID, but they have not provided our community with the tools and information necessary to protect ourselves in the best way possible. One of the best mitigation measures and self-protection tools is the use of a high quality mask. We are asking the counties and the state to provide a supply of high quality masks (N95, KN95, KF94) to students and staff at every public school, and to emphasize the importance of their use.

3- Many members of our community have health concerns and need to have access to the highest level of protection. For many people, catching COVID poses a significant risk of death or permanent disability to themselves or a household member. We ask that the state and county governments adopt policies of encouraging teleworking whenever feasible, and encourage private employers to do so as well. We also ask the Board of Education to adopt a policy that no parent will be harassed, penalized or punished if they feel they need to keep their child home to reduce the risk that the child will catch COVID and bring it home to their household.

How it will be delivered

Through email as well as making demands known through the press.




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