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To: Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans

Protect Medicare and Social Security, not the wealthy

Social Security and Medicare are lifesaving programs that should be strengthened, not cut. Congress must raise the debt ceiling to protect workers and our economy, without slashing the Social Security and Medicare programs that millions of Americans depend on.

Why is this important?

The United States government has hit the debt ceiling, which is the amount of money it is allowed to borrow. Without raising the debt ceiling, the federal government cannot pay its bills. We risk a global financial crisis, 6 million Americans losing their jobs, and devastating families who rely on lifesaving benefits.

Instead of governing for the people, MAGA Republicans are holding our economy hostage at the expense of the working people who uphold it. Under McCarthy’s cowering leadership, they are refusing to vote to increase the debt ceiling—something they’ve done hundreds of times—unless major cuts are made to Social Security and Medicare. Instead of making the wealthy few pay their fair share in taxes to help fund the government, Republicans want to fill the pockets of the rich even more. This is their latest attempt to execute their decades-long agenda of gutting these programs under the guise of reducing spending.

Millions of Americans, many of whom are already living paycheck to paycheck, rely on these programs to protect their livelihoods and families. Congress should work together to focus on strengthening and expanding popular programs like Social Security and Medicare that make our lives better. Millions of people will suffer and some will even die as a result of this callous greed.

McCarthy traded everyday Americans’ health and survival to be speaker of the House. By conceding to the far-right Freedom Caucus’s demands, he committed to prioritizing tax cuts for the rich while gutting the programs that keep our families and communities able to survive. Our lives depend on fighting to save Social Security and Medicare. Congress must pass a clean debt ceiling increase immediately.

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