To: The United States Senate

Protect your right to free speech online.

Communications Workers of America

Posting information online about your workplace conditions shouldn't get you fired. The Senate must confirm a full five-person National Labor Relations Board to protect workers against being illegally fired for going online to talk about how to make their jobs better.

Why is this important?

Corporations and their political allies are trying to prevent the Senate from confirming President Obama's nominees to the National Labor Relations Board.

Why? So that they won't have to worry about the laws that protect your rights at work, including your right to use Facebook, Twitter and other online forums on your own time to discuss things like unreasonable hours, a bad boss, or other workplace problems.

You see, the National Labor Relations Board enforces the National Labor Relations Act, the law that protects the right of private sector workers to discuss their working conditions and try to make things better. The NLRB makes sure that workers get their jobs back if they have been illegally fired for airing their opinions of their employers on social networks.

Republicans plan to stop the NLRB from enforcing the law by abusing the Senate rules and using silent filibusters to prevent confirmation of President Obama’s nominees.

The Democratic majority has the power to close the loopholes in the Senate rules to stop these filibusters on qualified nominees.

But they will only act if we demand action. Sign the petition to demand that the Senate take the necessary steps confirm all five members of the National Labor Relations Board.