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To: Mitch McConnell

Remove press restrictions for President Trump’s impeachment trial

We urge you to rescind the new unprecedented restrictions on the press seeking to inform the public about the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump. This is a crucial and historic moment that makes it all the more important for this Senate to reaffirm the Senate commitment to protect the vital and indispensable role the free press serves.

Why is this important?

Mitch McConnell and Senate Rules Committee Chair Roy Blunt have instituted unprecedented press restrictions in order to prevent the public from having full access to Trump's Senate impeachment trial -- including limits on what the public can see and on reporters' ability to talk to Senators.

Without the free press, we can’t fight against abusive governmental policies or defend our basic freedoms.

The Trump administration has been attacking the free press for years. Now that Trump has a chance of getting held accountable for his abuses of power, the Senate is allowing him to hide details from the public.




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