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To: Elijah Haahr (MO-134) and Ben Baker (MO-160)

Remove Rep Ben Baker from the Missouri Secondary and Elementary Education Committee

Rep. Baker is a known detractor of public education. Rep. Baker is a known detractor of access to library materials. He boasts an education that consists of 11 years at Community Christian Academy- Morgantown, Indiana and a degree at OBI-Neosho. Neither school has any accreditation or academic requirements for admission. In fact Community Christian Academy no longer exists and there is no record that it ever did.Rep. Baker refused to participate in a candidate education forum sponsored by Crowder College- Neosho. He was a complete no show. Ben's agenda via ALEC and Project Blitz legislation is to dismantle public education. He is known to take dark money from Brushfires PAC via American Federation for children, a dark money group. Rep. Baker received at least $10,000 from these PAC's. Clearly he is unable and unwilling to be a good steward of our children's future.

Why is this important?

Public record shows that Rep. Baker's intent is to defund and privatize our public schools. Public record shows Rep. Baker has received substantial monies from special interest groups, compromising his ability to represent all Missourians. Public record shows that Rep. Baker has no respect for the sanctity of the First Amendment one of our country's most cherished freedoms.

How it will be delivered

Via Press Conference and in person.



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