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To: Republican National Committee

Remove Trump, the multi-indicted candidate, from the Republican presidential debate!

No candidate who has incited an insurrection and been charged for attempting to overturn election results should be considered a legitimate candidate or given a platform to spout conspiracies and lies. Demand that the Republican National Committee disinvite Trump from participation in the first Republican National Committee debate in August.

Why is this important?

Trump has been indicted on two federal charges—most recently for hatching a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election results and, previously, for stealing classified documents and refusing to return them to the government when requested. He’s also been charged on the state level for violating campaign finance laws and sending hush money payments to Stormy Daniels to silence her, and more state charges are imminent. And any day now he will be charged in Georgia for 2020 election interference. Additionally, a recent jury trial found him liable for sexual assault.

Trump is not above the law. Allowing the thrice-indicted Trump to participate in the first Republican debate would give him legitimacy that he does not deserve or have. Trump must be held accountable for all of the crimes he’s committed against the American people.

Trump has used his legal woes to rake in tens of millions of dollars from donors, much of which he is using in self-serving ways that fly in the face of campaign finance laws. He is conning donors and voters and has made clear he will continue to break the law. MAGA Republicans continue to threaten our freedoms at every chance they get and are willing to hold on to power for themselves by any means necessary. To maintain any credibility as a legitimate national party, the Republican National Committee should not give credence to the idea that Donald Trump is a legitimate candidate.



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