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To: New York City Department of Transportation

Remove the Trump Adopt-a-Highway Sign

Remove the Trump Adopt-a-Highway Sign

Remove the Trump Adopt-a-Highway sign on the West Side Highway

Why is this important?

NYC DOT’s own policy as per its website ( is that “Highways can be adopted by individuals, companies, or organizations (but not political candidates and campaigns).” This sign should have been removed in 2015 and, according to DOT’s policy should not be in place now, as Trump has stated an intention to run again in 2024.


Reasons for signing

  • We are removing statues to be adding names on highways of the president that incited insurrection. Please don't.
  • His name is too upsetting to drivers. It will cause accidents.
  • The only beautification program his name should be attached to is his prison cell.


2020-12-28 15:00:34 -0500

1,000 signatures reached

2020-12-08 09:19:41 -0500

500 signatures reached

2020-12-05 13:51:38 -0500

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2020-12-04 21:32:55 -0500

Thanks to the West Side Rag for writing about this petition. We’re halfway to the goal - if everyone who signed gets just one more person to sign, we’ll get there!

2020-12-04 21:30:05 -0500

50 signatures reached

2020-12-02 15:35:43 -0500

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