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To: Representative Kurt Schrader of Oregon

Representative Schrader: Support Medicare and allow them to negotiate drug prices with Big Pharma!

Dear Rep. Schrader,
It has come to my attention that you are one of three Democrats who voted against allowing Medicare to directly negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. Recent Data for Progress polling reflects my view as your constituent. The polls indicate that ¾ of voters support giving Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices rather than having to pay (or exclude medications) exorbitant prices. In addition, the polling indicates that more voters are likely to vote for Democrats who support giving Medicare this power. According to reporting by Dan Pfeiffer of Crooked Media and others, you have received donations from pharmaceutical companies that have influenced your stance. Please be aware that you are voting against the interest of most, if not all, of your citizen constituents.
I am appealing to you to change your vote on this matter and to allow Medicare to negotiate.

Why is this important?

Americans pay some of the highest prescription drug costs in the world. Medicare, which is in place to serve those most in need, and which is responsible for a large amount of Pharma business, cannot negotiate drug prices to benefit those who need them and cannot afford them. This is just plain wrong.



2022-01-12 12:18:30 -0500

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