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To: Federal Bureau of Investigations, Clare E. Connors, Attorney General, State of Hawaii, Michael Wheat, U.S. Prosecuting Attorney, Kelly King, Maui County Council Chair, Keani Rawlins-Ferna...

Request for Criminal Investigation of Corporation Counsel Moana Lutey, Corporation Counsel...

The self-described “Dinosaurs” of Maui's Corporation Counsel are a team of litigators led by Moana Lutey who have been around long enough to be professionally compromised while serving past Mayors Alan Arakawa and James Apana.

By their dirty acts over the years, these lawyers are now so personally and professionally conflicted that they can no longer possibly serve the public’s best interest.

We citizens call for an investigation into Racketeering by these "Dinosaurs" and, at the very least, demand their removal from Maui's Office of Corporation Counsel.

Why is this important?

Maui County is a billion-dollar pawn being played by companies who profit by polluting, AKA “The Pollution Industry.”

The world will never forgive or forget that Maui's Sewage, partially treated and injected into underground wells, is what gave Trump’s deregulation-frenzied Supreme Court the opportunity to rule against EPA permits for all Injection Wells and cripple the Clean Water Act.

We can stop this by ridding Maui’s Corporation Counsel of the “Dinosaurs”. That’s the self-chosen name of the team of litigators led by Moana Lutey who have been around long enough to be professionally compromised while serving past Mayors Alan Arakawa and James Apana.

By their dirty acts over the years, these lawyers are now so personally conflicted that they can no longer possibly serve the public’s best interest.

Moana Lutey and Maui’s “Dinosaur Lawyers”:

* Inserted language into the Injection Well resolution that would give the Lawyers final say over county policy, robbing authority from both the Mayor and the County Council, in violation of legal norms, the County Charter and Rules for lawyers in Hawaii.

* Are actively blocking enforcement of SMA Permits that protect our shoreline, in violation of the U.S. Coastal Zone Management Act.

* Wrote secret developer agreements from 1974 to 2007 in order to shift financial burdens onto residents and is still blocking collection of over $100 million from developers by withholding and falsifying public records.

* Secretly violated the intent of the Council in 2015 in order to create a new way to shift financial burdens from developers to residents.

* Are actively concealing government liens which have been unlawfully placed on private properties in the County of Maui.

* Manufactured a fake RE tax to use as a weapon against a timeshare group.

* Are obstructing investigations into several instances of County fraud by lying to both the County Council and Mayor Victorino and have harmed and defamed private resident citizens who have exposed the County corruption.

* Are wasting millions for our tax dollars to take the Lahaina Injection Well case to the Supreme Court regardless that such regulatory changes belong in the legislature, not the courts, and many millions more in a series of frivolous litigations.

As citizens, our voices were significant contributing factors to the recent removal of bad actors such as David Goode, William Spence, J.D. Kim and especially Patrick Wong, who as Director of Corporation Counsel was overseeing the ongoing coverup of illegal acts by others in the County.

The "Dinosaurs" were all trained and compromised by Mr.Wong and are today actively continuing on with his legacy. If we continue to allow Maui’s Corporation Counsel to be run by these Litigating Bullies tied to long-standing big money interests, the Maui we are so fortunate to know and love will never survive.

What a foul legacy the corrupt “Dinosaurs” of Maui’s Corporation Counsel are dumping on us.

We need to flush them out.

Maui's Director of Corporation Counsel must not be yet another Local Litigator with strong ties to local special interests.

Maui needs the breath of fresh air that can only come from a Director of Corporation Counsel who is a Skilled Negotiator with Mainland Experience.

Follow this link to read and download a formal Request for Investigation


Reasons for signing

  • December 31, 2019 @ 4:10 a.m. Sam Small.... I take-it from here! February 12, 2018. IEM-32 subdivision deferral agreement. Joann Johnson Winer (Kamaole Heights Association HOA's "Indicted for Alledged roles in scheme to fraudulently control homeowners' Association on Maui. Dated:1999 mortgage fraudulent loans to February 12, 2004 hidden underwriters beneficiary: Parent's. (Identity theft and financial institutional fraud with individuals and corporations racketeering.
  • Definitely need to be investigated and indicted.
  • Im a microbiologist that bought at my expense water testing materials and human fecal coliforms were very prevalent. If this doesnt stop were going to start seeing polio again! The polio virus is large and resistant to 15ppm of chlorine, can stay viable for a log time in a water environment


2020-06-27 01:33:23 -0400
Testify Tues June 30, 9 am:

Lutey's mishandling of the injection well case is just one example of why Council Member Keani Rawlins Fernandez has thoughtfully proposed a Charter Amendment to give the Council the authority to remove "their lawyer" should the Council see fit to do so.

Please give supportive testimony on (GET-10(17) live, online on Tuesday at 9 am via BlueJeans, or by phone by calling 1-408-915-6290, meeting code 551 273 481, or email written testimony to by 2 pm Monday, June 29th

Support: (GET-10(17) "To allow the Council to remove Corporation Counsel."


2019-12-31 16:44:37 -0500
Please sign.

No Council Member was listed as the author of the resolution to remove Kelly King. Only Moana Lutey’s name is associated with the resolution.

Why would Lutey want to remove Kelly?

Maybe it’s because Kelly promised to file charges with the State Supreme Court’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel against Lutey for Professional Misconduct over her choice to ignore the Council’s vote to withdraw the Injection Well.

Maui Tomorrow filed a similar suit in the 2nd Circuit naming Lutey for refusing to get the Court’s opinion on the Mayor’s authority before she represented to the Supreme Court.

Members who voted against the Council getting its own lawyer to contest Moana Lutey and the Mayor have sold out the citizens in favor of off-island financial and political interests. This sets a new precedent that will have lasting negative impacts on the Council's ability to serve the people's best interests.