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To: City of dubuque

Residents against mask mandates

Residents against mask mandates

Do not force people to wear a mask if they choose not to..

Why is this important?

No one has the right to force anyone to wear a mask, especially when it says on the box of masks, that it does not protect against any virus including covid 19..

Reasons for signing

  • Because I am a Healthcare professional and believe this is insane. This is only a start of government totalitarian control. We can only blame ourselves if we give up or surrender. Even the mask boxes have warnings or disclaimer of sort notifying buyer that the masks do not protect against any VIRUS covid 19 included. Also, there are Physicians and literature to refute it. This is against our freedom and unconstitutional!
  • Fighting for my freedom and the useless mask mandates. People need to know the TRUTH!
  • My body my choice!!!!


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