To: Rebecca Adducci, Director of the Detroit ICE Office

Ricardo shouldn't be torn apart from his family!

Please grant deferred action to Ricardo Ramos (A# 88-138-442). Ricardo is a loving father of three U.S. citizen children. He's been a hardworking American and deserves a chance to stay with his family. Please exercise prosecutorial discretion and stop Ricardo's deportation!

Why is this important?

Michelle will be forced to spend her 12th birthday saying good-bye to her Dad, instead of spending it with him and the rest of her family like most kids her age.

That's because immigration officials in the Obama Administration have decided to deport Michelle's dad, Ricardo Ramos. He has until Thursday to leave, the very same day as her birthday. Ricardo has called Ohio his home for nearly two decades and has three U.S. citizen children, yet ICE officials want to tear his family apart by deporting him.

If ICE officials go through with Ricardo's deportation, Ricardo's family will be devastated. He's a loving dad and is the sole breadwinner in the family, recently taking on a second job in a restaurant in addition to the 16 years he's spent working in local nurseries.

When police pulled Ricardo over for driving without a license, they sent him to ICE officials. Friends and supporters got Ricardo's initial January 1, 2014 deportation date postponed, but now ICE officials have set a new date to deport him just a few days away. We need your help returning him to his family!

Ricardo would likely qualify for the path to citizenship in the Senate immigration bill and President Obama's Administration shouldn't be pushing hardworking, taxpaying Americans like Ricardo for Speaker John Boehner's inaction. In fact, because President Obama supports the Senate's bill, he shouldn't be deporting immigrants like Ricardo at all.

Please help Ricardo by asking ICE officials to exercise "prosecutorial discretion" and let Ricardo return home to his family where he belongs. They need you to act right now!

Michelle shouldn't spend her birthday being torn away from her dad. Help Ricardo stay where he belongs, at home!