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To: City of Huntsville Leadership

Save Parks & Recreation, Save Dog Church

It has come to my attention that a portion of Maple Hill Park is planned to be taken over by Maple Hill Cemetery. I strongly request that you reconsider this decision. The athletic fields of Maple Hill park are greatly enjoyed by the surrounding neighborhoods particularly among dog owners. The high housing density and small lot sizes in both Five Points and Blossomwood mean this park is a wonderful place to let our pets run off leash. In fact, a 12 year tradition of 8:00 AM "Dog Church" has been communing every Sunday to enjoy this beautiful field. Additionally I and others use the athletic fields for frisbee, soccer, picnics and other activities. I humbly emplore the city to not only preserve this green space as a recreational park, but perhaps even augment it into an official dog park. This beautiful field was an old rock quarry and is surrounded on three sides with rock walls covered in greenery. Additionally it has a wonderful year-round spring that with a little stone work would be a wonderful water feature for both man and animal alike.  Please keep the athletic fields as part of the Huntsville Parks and Recreation and not give it over to Maple Hill Cemetery.

Why is this important?

Let's keep our parks and recreations space for parks and recreation and the active use by our neighborhood and fellow Huntsvillians. Cemeteries fill up. It happens. I know that Maple Hill Cemetery is getting full if not nearly full already, but there are other cemeteries. Once we give up the recreation and pubic space we can never get it back.



2024-06-18 08:03:42 -0400

Hey folks, great job getting the word out. We've surpassed 100 signatures. Please keep up the good work. I've delivered all of your support to the city leadership and informed the news outlets! Please continue telling others to sign so we can stop the expansion of Maple Hill Cemetery.

2024-06-18 06:32:42 -0400

100 signatures reached

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50 signatures reached

2024-06-17 07:47:42 -0400

Huntsville City's Website shows that Maple Hill Park is 8.8 acres, ie that it still includes the Athletic Fields.

2024-06-14 15:37:39 -0400

25 signatures reached

2024-06-14 10:06:01 -0400

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