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To: Email Ron DeSantis GovernorRon.Desantis@eog

Save Florida Solar industry

Save Florida Solar industry

Email or call the Ron DeSantis and let him know your concerns of SB 1024 bill in the senate that will ending net metering and kill Florida solar business, jobs and make it harder for people to use clean energy. GovernorRon.Desantis@eog

Why is this important?

It is important to have as many voice be heard about the Florida Light and Power screwing over the people of Florida with rate hikes and taking away solar business and jobs in our state. With Florida Light and power having a hand in writing the SB 1024 bill the utility company is essentially stealing power from owners of solar panel systems. The company will take the power and sell it back to consumers without having to pay for the electricity generated by our systems that have been paid for out of our own pockets.

How it will be delivered

I will personally get this petition in front of our governor



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