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To: Governor David Ige, Mayor Blangiardi City and County of HNL, Oahu Metropolitan Staff, State Department of Transportation, Senator Shimabukuro, City councilmember Tupola, Representative Gates

Save Mākaha Beach

This campaign has ended.

The internationally famous Mākaha Surfing Beach and its facilities must be preserved and protected. Any new bridge or roadwork on Farrington Highway at or near the beach should incorporate the community's preferred mauka route to the north and northwest of Mākaha Beach Park as depicted on the master plan for the Mākaha Beach Park dated May 24, 1999. If the current bridges are rebuilt as planned at their current location, such an investment (current cost of $23 M) would jeopardize the preferred mauka reroute and the Mākaha Beach Park project until these new bridges need replacement 70-100 years from now. It is extremely unlikely that anyone would be willing to tear them down for many years from now to build the mauka route and park. The community has voiced its concerns since the mid-1980s. If the current Makaha Bridges replacement project proceeds as planned, the placing of the PROJECT's temporary bypass road on the makai side of Farrington highway will place the Mākaha Beach ecosystem in immediate peril, especially if the "five-year flood level standard" temporary bridges are washed into the bay by inland flooding or ocean surge. If the mauka route is constructed, there will be no need to construct a temporary bypass route because the current route would be fully available. The existing bridges have been recently repaired and reinforced by the State DOT; there are no posted limitations on either of the bridges, they have withstood multiple 100-year floods (including the most recent in 2008). These bridges should have 2 more years, giving plenty of time for the State DOT to reevaluate alternative #4 (the mauka route) and modify the current design to accommodate the community's needs and desires. HCR180 is scheduled to be heard on 3/19/2021 it’s a bill urging City Council, State DOT, Mayors office to reroute Farrington Hwy in accordance with the 1998 Mākaha Beach Park Master Plan please submit testimony if want to save Mākaha Beach.

Why is this important?

It's important to stop this project as this project creates more hazards to the community such as pedestrian safety, how will DOT ensure the safety of our Keiki when they walk to Mākaha Beach with a two-year construction site during the day and night? How are they suppose to walk through ditches while cars bypass them? With no Bikeways in place it doesn't contribute to Hawaii Transportation System, how are bicyclists suppose to train and or exercise? There is also a desire to restore ancient marshlands (muliwai) a culturally significant area where Ohana's are meant to come malama and gather, it'll be an outdoor classroom for all; if the water is restored we could raise fish to conserve the environment and reintroduce some endemic to this area which is O'opu, 'Ōpae, Anae, HawaiianDamselfly and other natural resources that are impacted by Kili Drive and the two bridges currently standing. The Master Plan is a much safer and smarter choice as it will take the bridges out of the flood zone and keep us safe from high surf, climate change, natural disasters, and the natural effects of beach erosion. It will also take away this straightaway route that is known for speeding and a lot of drunk driving, it'll also showcase the beauty of Mākaha with a more scenic route.

How it will be delivered

I will email and hand-deliver signatures to all these decision-makers.



2021-04-15 10:24:05 -0400

Our community’s been wanting to realign Farrington Highway further inland since 1986, 30 year’s. Now Oahu’s Metropolitan Planning Organization is proposing to cancel the “Farrington Highway Mākaha Beach Realignment Feasibility Study” due to lack of funding and HDOT prioritization of the Coastal Highway Program.

Voice your concerns now to the Policy Board to continue the study, submit testimony deadline is April 16th!

2021-04-15 10:22:15 -0400

I've written a supporting letter to this petition, also updates are on our website if you'd like to check it out

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