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To: The Archdiocese in Boston

Save Saint Rose School!

This campaign has ended.

Save Saint Rose School!

Allow us to remain open to continue serving our students during a time of crisis in our community!

Why is this important?

We need your help to keep our great school open and continue to build the leaders of tomorrow. We have been charged to raise $150,000 to keep our school open and we cannot do it alone. The situation is dire, but we know that we can be successful with your support!

At St. Rose School, our students are loved. They are kept safe and surrounded with faith. The last few months have tested our community in so many ways and as we continue to recover from the effects of Covid-19, our children will need us even more. They will need our help to recover from grief over loss of life, illness, economic hardships and the collective trauma that has been inflicted on us all.

St. Rose is the last remaining Catholic school in the city of Chelsea and we play a vital role in the fabric of our community. Don’t let us disappear. Help us continue to serve our students and their families with works of love, mercy and justice.

Reasons for signing

  • As a former Phys Ed. Teacher at the School St. Rose School is more than just a school for some of the children. Its family, the staff are people they can turn to and talk to and trust. Where they will not get in the public schools . Shame if the school is to close and a loss to the city...
  • We have so few Catholic schools left. I’ve always felt a Catholic education gives its students a better chance for success in life both financially and spiritually!
  • St. Rose is an incredible Catholic school with a close knit community. The times I visited I saw how happy the students were and how much the teachers love their students


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