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To: The Arlington County Board and County Manager



1. Suspend the demolition permit on the property
2. Expedite completion of the Local Historic District designation study
3, Purchase the property (land and buildings), or
4. Find a buyer who will preserve the property for public use
5. Create a "Hillwood Estate, Museum, and Gardens" in Arlington for the community to enjoy, and for historic tourism and economic benefits.

Why is this important?

The Febrey-Lothrop-Rouse estate is a unique, large privately held property in Arlington. It has a long and significant history, dating back to the Febrey family farm and house, built in 1855. The Febrey family was one of the most prestigious and well-known in the D.C. area at that time. It was the location of a large encampment for thousands of Union Soldiers during the Civil War, 1861-65. The estate was subsequently owned by Alvin Lothrop, a co-founder/owner of the Woodward-Lothrop Department Store chain. The last owner was Randolph Rouse who was married to Audrey Meadows, a world famous actress in the 1950s and 60s. The property was also once owned by TWA Airlines, which was owned by Howard Hughes, who occasionally stayed at the property. It is important that Arlington protect and preserve such a unique, undeniably historic property for public access. This is a once-in-forever opportunity to take a stand for historic preservation in Arlington County.


Reasons for signing

  • To preserve one of the last such properties in the area.
  • Maintain our tree canopy! Visit the 1200 block of N. Utah, and N. Vermont where 27 plus large healthy oaks, were felled following empty promises from developers the past 3 years. Redirected run off,and other significant change has occurred in short order. New house receive variances to cover the lots far beyond local codes. The Fabrey estate must not be lost! Hill House makes money for D.C. - $17 entry fee, many members, and wealthy donors, a wait list for volunteers - let's do the same here!
  • Let's preserve this amazing open space for all Arlingtonians to enjoy, and not just a few.


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