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To: COJ and COJB City Council and Mayor

Save the Jacksonville Beach boat ramp cats.

A development project has begun by Windward properties at Beach Marine in Jacksonville Beach, Florida which is in process to destroy the habitat of 60+ homeless cats.

The result of this will be cats possibly killed, harmed, or lost trying to find relocation overnight. These cats have lived on this property for 15+ years. This is a well-known and taken care of colony with TNR and monitoring the health of the cats. These cats are not feral but homeless loving pets that have been dumped and/or abandoned by their owners.

These cats needs deserve to be addressed as part of the approval process in the development of this project. An open discussion of possible options that could be provided for their future is warranted.
Donations for food, care and help for rescue here:

Why is this important?

If people do not join in this campaign these loving homeless pets may undergo catastrophic circumstances.

If we do not get help, these homeless pets will lose their only home that they have ever known and possibly their lives and it’s totally unnecessary.



2022-08-02 12:34:58 -0400

Please help 🙏 by donating for four cats just trapped Aug. 1st that need medical care before taken to safer place. 😹

2022-07-28 21:04:05 -0400

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2022-07-27 17:44:28 -0400

. I am the manager of this cat colony greatly apologize for not knowing this MoveOn site would email the signers Liberal lies I am so sorry for this I had a friend of a friend put together without my knowing and then I thought it was a good idea. Please forgive us and thanjs again for your support. I wish I could start a new petition website but I don’t believe I could import all of you into it or ask you to sign again a new petition. Please unsubscribe emails or texts from MoveOn 🙏

2022-07-25 23:25:14 -0400

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