To: Gov. Chris Christie and Gov. Scott Walker

Scott Walker and Chris Christie Are Joining Forces to Attack 5 Million Immigrants

Withdraw your support for the lawsuit attacking immigrant youth and undocumented parents of U.S. citizens.

Why is this important?

Two Republican Presidential hopefuls, Gov. Scott Walker and Gov. Chris Christie, have joined forces to attack an estimated 5 million immigrants with deep roots in their communities.

Last November, after months of pressure from millions of immigration reform activists, President Obama announced two new immigration policies to protect millions of people who grew up in America without papers and parents of U.S. citizens who don’t have an immigration status from deportation.

This was one of the biggest wins for the immigrant community in nearly a generation, but Gov. Walker and Gov. Christie have joined a host of Republican governors and state attorneys general on a bogus and mean-spirited lawsuit designed to delay the implementation of these new programs.

I’m so sick of Republicans playing politics with the lives of so many people.

Please join me in demanding that Gov. Walker and Gov. Christie withdraw their support for the bogus lawsuit attacking immigrant youth and undocumented parents of US citizens.