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  • Stop McCarthy's Attempt to Defund the I.R.S.
    Congress must reject the House Republicans' effort to defund the IRS!
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • No price-gouging for the lifesaving, people-funded Moderna COVID-19 vaccine!
    It is unacceptable that Moderna is considering more than quadrupling the price of its people-funded COVID vaccine from $26.36 per dose to an outrageous $130 per dose, especially when it’s been estimated that the cost of producing the vaccine is now as low as $2.85 per dose—2.2% of what Moderna has suggested charging to the public.
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    Created by Senator Bernie Sanders Picture
  • Protect Medicare and Social Security, not the wealthy
    Social Security and Medicare are lifesaving programs that should be strengthened, not cut. Congress must raise the debt ceiling to protect workers and our economy, without slashing the Social Security and Medicare programs that millions of Americans depend on.
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  • George Santos must resign
    We deserve elected officials who we can trust. George Santos misled and lied to hundreds of thousands of voters. If we can’t trust him to be honest about who he is, we can’t trust him to serve in Congress and represent our country. George Santos deceived his constituents to win a seat in Congress – and we can't let him remain in public office. I am calling on him to resign today.
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    Created by Common Cause Picture
  • Protect LGBTQ+ Girl Scouts at 2023 National Convention
    Florida is an unsafe place for LGBTQ+ people and bringing thousands of Girl Scouts for the National Convention and Phenom puts us in danger and supports the Floridian economy, showing that there aren't consequences for implementing anti-LGBTQ+ and racist policies. Girl Scouts must move the 2023 convention and Phenom out of Florida in order to prioritize the needs and safety of queer and trans Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts must move the 2023 National Convention and Phenom out of Florida.
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    Created by Rebecca Ireland
  • Demand that FACEBOOK & Twitter not reinstate Trump!
    There are millions of FACEBOOK and Twitter users and advertisers who would be enraged by the reinstatement of Donald Trump on your platforms. If you give Trump a platform you will be held complicit in his fomenting of misinformation and violence. Trump is a proven danger to this democracy, its representatives, and its citizens. Do not give him a megaphone!
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    Created by BJ Cates
  • Twitter & Facebook must combat disinformation & hold Trump to the same standards as everyone else.
    Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter owe it to us to enforce their content moderation policies, shut down disinformation, and ban accounts that don’t comply. These sites must fact-check Trump and hold him to the same standards as everyone else. More importantly, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms must enforce and strengthen their policies to combat disinformation, hate, and other harmful content.
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    Created by Common Cause Picture
  • End systemic homelessness in the United States by creating a new federal agency
    Members of Congress, you have within your power to fund a new federal agency that does more for this country than almost any other agency. We the people propose the funding of a new federal agency called Homeland Home Builders which serves to reduce the homeless population down to zero percent by acquiring properties in unused areas, selection and training of able-bodied individuals from the homeless community and elsewhere in the field of construction and construction management, the organization of food development for these suffering communities via farm grants and jobs in agriculture, the development of an alternative currency to be used within these communities such that they are able to become self sufficient and not require increasing subsidies from the government, development of student grants and technology incentives to further enhance the cooperation between existing industries and these prototype communities, plans to limit taxation and build opportunities for the mentally ill and disabled which also take up a certain percentage of the homeless. Congressmen and congresswomen, we need your support to solve this problem. It has never been so hard to survive as it is today for the people who are in desperate need of help. US Citizens who have been displaced by automation, unnecessary burdens and bad luck have no method of getting off the streets without our help. Leaving this task to the private business and non-profit sector is not working and the problem will continue to get worse before it gets better. We the people of the United States of America demand a solution to this problem. We have the talent, the technology and the will to solve this problem. What we need is bipartisan support of this initiative. What we need is for you to make a stand and we the compassionate people of the United States will stand behind in showing our unilateral support. This is an initiative that shows heart, solving this problem together might just be the greatest political achievement of our time. Finally there is something worth building in and investing in that will serve the American people. Not only will this program build wealth for a demographic which currently is not paying anything into the system thus increasing our GDP when applied at scale, but this initiative has within it's grasp the potential to generate a corruption free utility inside the government which will serve as an example for new initiatives and help to create a better world for all. The American dream is still alive and well but we need your support to achieve this.
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    Created by Isaac Horton
  • Wyoming legislators: Expand Medicaid now!
    The Wyoming Legislature is considering a bill, “House Bill 80 – Medical Treatment Opportunity Act,” that would finally expand Medicaid in Wyoming to 19,000 of our uninsured neighbors. We need our State Representatives and State Senators to vote to expand Medicaid in Wyoming now!
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    Created by Laura Packard Picture
  • No to a National Abortion Ban!
    Defeat all bills in Congress to limit access to abortion—including the push for a national abortion ban. On what would have been the 50th anniversary of Roe, we need to be expanding access to abortion as essential health care and codifying abortion as a fundamental right, and we can't let MAGA Republicans control our bodies and our health.
    41,072 of 45,000 Signatures
    Created by Justin Krebs
  • George Santos Needs To Resign
    PLEASE KINDLY DO NOT SIGN THIS PETITION UNLESS YOU ARE A REGISTERED VOTER WITHIN THE NEW YORK 3RD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. THANK YOU! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whereas: 1) the egregious fabrications by George Santos on his resume that he presented to the public for his campaign for the position of U.S. Representative for the New York 3rd Congressional District, and to the Nassau County Republican Committee for his place on the ballot for the aforementioned position, are unprecedented in number and degree in recent memory; 2) Mr. Santos has offered no substantive explanation for his fabrications despite numerous requests for one; 3) because Mr. Santos had no record of public service prior to seeking the aforementioned position, he therefore based nearly his entire candidacy for the position on a fabricated resume; we registered voters who reside within the New York 3rd Congressional District call upon Mr. Santos to resign immediately his position as U.S. Representative for the New York 3rd Congressional District.
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    Created by Robert Yamins
  • Condemn voter suppression: Our elected officials must protect our freedom to vote
    Politicians cannot abuse our courts to spread election conspiracies or roll back access to the ballot box. Our elected officials must commit to protect our freedom to vote.
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    Created by Common Cause Picture