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  • Help the spanish speaking community get a spanish rock style dance in Dance Extravaganza!
    Please help us with the beginning steps of our journey! We need all the support we can get to be able to show that this is something that the people want.
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    Created by Gaby ‎
  • TRS Dump Express Scripts
    TRS changed its prescription service to Express Scripts for the 2023-24 school year. Members have seen services cut and prices rise exponentially since September. Some members are not able to get previous medications and others have had to stop taking medications due to rising costs. Pharmacies are saying their costs have not gone up, it’s the pharmacy insurance provider that has raised prices. It’s time for TRS to cut ties with Express Scripts and find a better pharmacy service provider for educators across this state. Educators are fed up with denials and rising out of pocket expenses.
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    Created by B Saccardo
  • Expunge Evictions in South Carolina
    Evictions can impact so many parts of our lives. The process of applying for a new place can be nerve wracking and expensive. From deposits, application fees, and the time it takes finding a place with the right needs is a fight within itself. Expunging an eviction means that the record is erased from the court system’s public view, treating the eviction as if it never happened. Once an eviction has been expunged, prospective landlords should not be able to see the eviction on the tenant’s rental history. Additionally, an expunged eviction allows an applicant to answer “no” when a landlord or property manager asks if an applicant has ever been evicted.
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    Created by Charlotte Martin Picture
  • Petition to Protect Benefits for INIC Teachers
    We, the parents of INIC, are requesting an alignment of teacher’s benefits with those of Austin ISD and a confirmation of teacher’s tuition discount. Per the INIC Parent Handbook, many of INIC’s current policies are aligned with Austin ISD and we are requesting teacher pay and benefits also meet those standards. We are opposed to the sudden implementation of any changes to benefits, without adequate time for teachers to financially prepare for the impact these changes may take on their livelihood. At minimum, we are requesting: -Increasing pay for any teacher making below Austin’s current living wage ($20.80/hr or $43,264.00). -Align sick day and personal days policy with Austin ISD (5 personal days, 6 sick days; 11 days. -Guarantee full pay for non-holiday days for which the school is closed (e.g. Winter Break, Day after Thanksgiving, etc.) -Removing the requirement of a doctor’s note for returning to work after a sick day. -Guarantee a set percentage (%) discount tuition for teacher’s children attending INIC from the start of the school year. -Align changes in pay/benefits with changes in tuition (minimum number of days notice). Require any changes in pay structure, discounted tuition benefits, leave benefits be communicated at least 90 days prior to implementation/requiring signature from employees.
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    Created by INIC Parents
  • Bridget Ziegler Must Immediately Resign from the Sarasota School Board!
    In light of recent revelations about Sarasota School Board member Bridget Ziegler and her husband’s alleged sexual escapades and an ongoing criminal investigation of sexual assault by her husband, in the best interests of our school district, Ms. Ziegler needs to resign immediately from her position as a member of the Sarasota School Board. It is a major distraction from the serious work of the School Board and the Sarasota School District in ensuring the quality education of “every student, every day.”
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    Created by Robin Williams
  • It's time to #PassPaidLeave for all!
    We ask that you prioritize a paid family and medical leave program in the United States, and that you publicly commit to its passage this Congress. It will save jobs, save lives, and make our families and our nation stronger. Thirty years ago Congress passed the Family and Medical Leave Act to ensure unpaid leave for workers in America. This was meant to be a first step. Today we ask you to commit to passing the country's first permanent paid leave program. It's way past time for the paid leave every working person and family deserves. Paid leave is also one of the most widely supported policies in this country. Two-thirds of small businesses want a national paid leave program to support their workers. Four in five American voters support it. In red states and blue, battlegrounds and beyond, supermajorities of voters want paid leave passed now. This is not a partisan issue. This is about family values.
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    Created by Sarah Manasrah
  • Protect workers from AI abuses!
    Newly emerging technologies with artificial intelligence (AI) are already radically transforming the world of work. Not only is AI taking jobs away from significant markets, but AI is also being used as a corporate tool for surveillance, keystroke logging, webcam monitoring, performance assessment, and even the hiring and firing of workers. On top of that, AI is being built on the backs of data workers, who spend countless hours training AI systems to recognize what would be common sense distinctions for a human–like what’s a tree versus a pole. Recent reports have surfaced of workers performing repetitive tasks to train AI systems under precarious labor conditions, earning wages far below the minimum wage — sometimes as low as $1.77 per hour without any benefits. The situation is exacerbated by the lack of policies protecting labor rights and addressing the unique challenges posed by AI and digital labor. It's time for Congress to step in to safeguard the rights and well-being of these workers. Congress must act to establish robust protections related to workplace technology. This includes ensuring fair compensation, healthy working conditions, and the right to collective bargaining.
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    Created by Accountable Tech Picture
  • Get The Grammy Awards to acknowledge Buck-Tick
    Buck-Tick is a Japanese rock band, having the same line-up for over 35 years. There is a strong fanbase in and outside of their home country of Japan. Recently, vocalist Atsushi Sakurai passed away suddenly, leaving many fans distraught. The band deserves global recognition, and Mr. Sakurai should be acknowledged in the "In Memoriam" montage during the 2024 Grammy Awards ceremony and TV broadcast. Let's make our voices heard to The Recording Academy!
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    Created by Tabitha Davis
  • Breaking Chains: Reforming Juvenile Incarceration
    We spend nearly $415,000 a year per inmate in a youth prison in Maryland. We spend approximately $15,000 a year per student in a public school in Maryland. The stark contrast highlights the injustices of our system and we must urge the state to reallocate funds to schools to create preventive, treatment-based approaches and defund the school to prison pipeline.
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    Created by Alana Hines
  • Help Us Get Period Products On The Ferries
    Did you know that there are no period products in the ferry bathrooms? We recently noticed menstrual products are missing from the Seattle/Bainbridge ferries.
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    Created by Eden Whitmire
  • Update the outdated BMI policy for Top Surgery
    I write this petition to urge Denver Health and UCHealth to reconsider their outdated BMI limits. Fat trans people deserve gender affirming care and the science is behind us on this issue. Forcing someone to lose weight for gender affirming care when the research shows it’s not necessary for a safe procedure is not acceptable and puts trans peoples lives at risk as dysphoria is extremely distressing and can lead to suicidal ideation. Please take these things into consideration and stop using BMI to deny gender affirming top surgery!
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    Created by Jude Novak
  • Save The Bald Eagles of Centerport's Territory - Turn the nesting area into a preserve
    Please join us to ask the Town of Huntington, EOSPA (Environmental Open Space & Park Fund) to purchase the land surround The Bald Eagles of Centerport's nest, turn the area into a much needed preserve and play ground. Below the eagles nest is a fresh water pond, migrating waterfowl have used for centuries, where this water meets salt water (brackish) our mudflats are deeply effected by over building, the TOWN of HUNTINGTON / Along with SUFFOLK COUNTY has interfered with the town of Centerport's waterways.
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    Created by Robert Schwartz