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  • Fraudulent Voter Purge in Palm Beach County
    Palm Beach County has a terrible reputation as the VOTER FRAUD capitol of Florida,and now Gov Rick Scott is down here to do his dirty little job.Please sign this petition before Gov Scott STEALS your vote
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    Created by rick canning
  • Keep Masks in Schools - Palm Beach County
    To ensure the safety of students, teachers and staff, masks should continue to be mandated for all who step on Palm Beach County school campuses until all children can be vaccinated and community spread of COVID is extremely low. Since all students will be required to attend class in person in the fall, social distancing will not be possible and masks will be even more essential to keep COVID from spreading in schools and in our community at large.
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    Created by Meagan Bell
  • Improve contact tracing in Palm Beach County NOW
    We are asking that contact tracing is improved in Palm Beach County. There are areas where contact tracing needs to be improved and are within the county’s control. Legally mandated compliance from the public and businesses and public education have lead to near eradication of the virus in other parts of the world. This can be done without violating anyone’s rights. Ideally, this would be part of a reopening process and used in conjunction with improved testing standards. Further gaining compliance from businesses is necessary and can be done by: - mandating contact tracing at nonessential businesses by requiring them to keep a 60 day log of patrons - mandating contact tracing at essential businesses by requiring them to keep a 60 day log of patrons who volunteer to be notified if they may have been in contact with an infected person - requiring businesses to inform employees if an anonymous staff member tests positive - requiring landlords and condo associations to notify all tenants if an anonymous person in their complex has tested positive Improving compliance from the public by using methods that have been adopted by other areas: - making contact tracing mandatory for those who test positive - requiring the infected individual to state where they live and where they work - delivering a subpoena to those who refuse to comply - public service announcements on the importance of contact tracing We need to get the virus under control with proper tools in place. We are way behind in the US and particularly in Florida. We need to demand better services so that we can resume our lives and build the economy.
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    Created by Nina Boiton
  • Mask Up Palm Beach County School Kids
    The problem is that without masks, children are at high risk of contracting COVID-19, especially the Delta variant. The School Board must take action & require masks and other health and safety protocols. The School Board's job is to maintain a safe learning place for our children, and without masks it now becomes an unsafe, ticking time-bomb, waiting to explode.
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    Created by Robert D'Antoni
  • Fire Palm Beach Gardens Officer Nouman K. Raja
    Nouman K. Raja of Palm Beach aggressively approached Corey Jones who was stranded on the side of the road waiting for road side assistance. Officer Raja opened fire six times at Corey Jones shooting and killing him. Fire Officer Raja now!
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    Created by Palm Beach County Community Task Force
  • WXEL 42 - West Palm Beach: Air "Citizen Koch"
    Koch money shouldn't influence public TV programming. Let everyone interested see the film "Citizen Koch" aired on PBS.
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    Created by John M. Yarling
  • Listen to the Experts NOT Extremists! Keep Shelter in Place for Palm Beach County
    Please DO NOT petition Governor DeSantis to remove the Shelter in Place order for Palm Beach County at this time. Palm Beach County's death count ALONE is higher than 18 other states and still continuing to climb daily. While we are sensitive to the economic impact this virus is placing upon local businesses, reopening at this point would have a deadly impact in our communities. Please listen to the public health experts, NOT extremists.
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    Created by Meagan Bell
  • Increase COVID-19 safety measures in Palm Beach County NOW
    Take immediate and direct action to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Palm Beach County, including mandating mask wearing in all indoor shared spaces, shutting down businesses that are not in compliance with COVID-19 safety procedures, and mandated testing and contact tracing countywide.
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    Created by Meagan Bell
  • Protect the Vote
    Protect the Vote, Palm Beach county. We, as residents of Palm Beach County and registered voters, urge you to join with us in protecting the vote from any and all attempts to purge the registration list.
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    Created by Kathleen Burt
  • Ask the Palm Beach County School Board Superintendent to end the mask opt-out
    Parents opting their children out of following CDC guidelines puts our children at risk during a global pandemic. If children have a REAL medical exemption, they can get a note from their pediatrician and perhaps be able to wear a face shield. We ask that you follow the guidance of the CDC and stop allowing other parents to put our children at risk over their own political narcissism. A mask mandate is a temporary dress code rule that keeps other children safe. Please do the right thing. No more excuses.
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    Created by Alison Berrios
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