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  • Protect Victims of Wage Theft
    Florida House and Florida Senate: protect victims of WAGE THEFT and Vote "NO" on HB 957 and SB 926. Play it Again Sports, Macy's and Office Depot: as members of the board tell the Florida Retail Federation to stop defending WAGE THIEVES and making it more difficult for victims to recover their stolen wages. Support the workers who keep your retail stores running by allowing local governments to establish wage theft ordinances that work best for them. Tell the Florida House and Senate to kill HB 957 and SB 926.
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    Created by Ed Speanburg
  • Put an End to Wage Theft in Colorado
    I want to express my strong support for The Income Protection Act, HB13-1227, which would make it harder for unethical employers to underpay or not pay their workers all the wages legally owed to them. Please vote in support of HB 13-1227. Wage theft is a big problem across the country and here in Colorado. • Every year in the U.S. employees lose billions of dollars in rightfully earned income. The Economic Policy Foundation, a business-funded think tank, estimated that workers in the U.S. annually lose $19 BILLION in unpaid overtime, alone. (Craig Becker, “A Good Job for Everyone: Fair Labor Standards Act Must Protect Employees in Nation’s Growing Service Economy,” Legal Times, 27, No, 36, Sept 6, 2004) • Wage theft hurts honest employers when wage theft occurs largely unchecked, as they are left at a competitive disadvantage by paying full wages, creating a “race to the bottom.” • Wage theft harms the state budget, resulting in lost income tax. It is estimated that before New York State passed their own new Wage Theft law, they were losing $427 million of state revenue per year due to Wage Theft. (Traub and Friedman, 2010) I believe The Income Protection Act for Colorado helps remove the many barriers that victims of wage theft currently experience in getting the wages that are already owed to them. Over 5,200 workers in our State currently contact the CDLE with wage and hour claims and the Department only has a few hard-working staff to handle these calls. This Bill will help provide victims of Wage Theft more avenues to resolve their issues.
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    Created by Rachael Running
  • LA City Council: Pass a Wage Theft Ordinance
    We call on the LA City Council to pass a Wage Theft Ordinance in the city of Los Angeles to protect workers of this city from wage theft by their employers. We demand that the Council expand protections for workers, strengthen mechanisms for recovery of owed wages, and increase penalties for unethical employers who steal from and retaliate against their employees.
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    Created by LA Coalition Against Wage Theft
  • Stop the Trump Wage Theft: Stealing the Tips of Waitresses
    Trump's Department of Labor has ruled that tips can be taken from waitresses to benefit other restaurant workers like dishwashers and cooks. The department says that the rule would benefit other workers, but labor groups warn that restaurant owners could simply pocket the cash because of the slipperiness of the DOL ruling.
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    Created by Karen Hedwig Backman
  • "Just Pay Cinci" Campaign to End Wage Theft
    Hard working people are being ripped off every day! Together we can end wage theft!!
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    Created by Jen Mendoza
  • Hillsborough County Commissioners: Vote YES on Wage Theft Recovery Ordinance
    The Hillsborough County Commission is considering a Wage Theft ordinance. If passed, this ordinance will provide a mechanism for recovery of lost wages. Workers and their families are hurt by not getting appropriate payment for their work. Employers are hurt by unfair competition when their competitors use wage theft as a business model. The community is hurt as spending by workers is curtailed, and tax revenue is not collected.
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    Created by Chris Radulich
  • Stop Wage Theft. Employees work hard for their money and they trust their employers to pay them.
    Stop wage theft! We shouldn't have to wait for the states to wait wage theft illegal. An employer taking an employees' wages is like robbing a bank. The employee did not give their consent to invest into the company they work for, and the employer does not have the right to force them into this decision.
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    Created by Cassandra Goduti
  • Stop Protecting Wage Thieves!
    Stop protecting wage thieves by blocking local governments from passing local wage theft ordinances!
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    Created by Melissa Elliot
  • Subway CEO backs regular wage hikes!
    Subway founder and CEO Fred DeLuca doesn't just back raising the minimum wage — he thinks pay should rise automatically with inflation. For a major fast food corporation to back this kind of reform is amazing. Show McDonald's and Burger King how receptive costumers can be to CEOs who actually care about employees, and get them to follow suit!
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Illinois Walmart Warehouse Workers Deserve Fairness, Demand Change
    No one should come to work and endure extreme temperatures, inhale dust and chemical residue, and lift thousands of boxes weighing up to 250 lbs. with no support. Workers never know how long the work day will be—sometimes two hours, sometimes 16 hours. Injuries are common, as is discrimination against women and illegal retaliation against workers who speak up for better treatment. We call on you to ensure that: 1. Workers receive a living wage and are paid for all hours worked in accordance with the law 2. Workers have consistent, regular work schedules in order to be able to care for their families 3. Workers have a safe workplace with better training and safety equipment; and 4. There is an immediate end to all intimidation and illegal retaliation against workers for exercising their rights
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    Created by Paco Fabian
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