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  • Target: Stop caving to bigots, homophobes, & transphobes and reinstate your LGBTQ+ Pride Merch NOW!
    Just one week before Pride Month was set to begin, Target caved to an orchestrated attack by anti-LGBTQ+ bigots and pulled items from their 2023 Pride merch collection off their shelves—which featured items produced by small businesses owned by queer and trans creators, designers, and artists. It is completely unacceptable for Target to abandon our communities to appease right-wing extremists.
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  • Tell AmerisourceBergen: Distribute medication abortion in all states where abortion is legal!
    AmerisourceBergen, the country's sole distributor of the safe and vital abortion pill mifepristone, has stated that it will not distribute its medication to 31 states despite it being legal to do so. We need healthcare decisions to be made by families in consultation with medical professionals, not right-wing politicians who want to control people's bodies. Add your name to tell AmerisourceBergen to continue to provide mifepristone to patients in need.
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  • Don't split up our community!
    The Biscayne Neighborhoods Association is a non-profit community and advocacy group that has focused on making sure the residents of Miami's urban core have a seat at the table. We are extremely concerned with a set of proposals before the City that would split the Edgewater community right down the middle, and gerrymander us into two different districts with two different representatives at City Hall. The undersigned are Edgewater neighbors, deeply involved in our community, who are asking all the parties pushing this proposal to consider what this would do to our corner of Miami. Our demand is very simple. Edgewater is a cohesive neighborhood bounded by major geographic landmarks. It is a genuine community with shared interests whose residents face issues slightly different than our friends in single-family-home or mostly commercial neighborhoods. We ask that the organizations making the proposals above go back to the drawing board and make new proposals that respect us as a neighborhood. We ask city officials to oppose any re-districting that divides Edgewater. And we ask the courts hearing these issues to consider the interests of our neighborhood.
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    Created by Biscayne Neighborhoods Association
  • Dis-invite Anti Democratic Ministers from the 2023 Israel Parade
    As North American Jews, we are appalled that the Celebrate Israel Parade has invited a large delegation from the current extremist Israeli government, including key supporters of its anti-democratic assault on the Israeli judiciary. We call upon the JCRC-NY and all marchers not to accept the participation of these far-right government ministers actively working to undermine Israel’s democracy. We urge Jewish organizations and New York State and City elected officials to refuse to march alongside those who threaten our democratic values, and reject the attempt to normalize these authoritarian forces. The broad attack on Israeli democratic institutions by the newly-formed government has sparked the largest protest movement in the country’s history, with an unprecedented number of people taking to the streets, mass strikes, and acts of civil disobedience. It attracted widespread condemnations from world leaders, including President Biden and Congressional leaders, Jewish organizations, business groups, and international institutions. In New York and around the nation, Israeli and American Jews have held weekly demonstrations to oppose the judicial overhaul and raise awareness of these dangers. As a result, this extremist government has been largely shunned by officials from the U.S. and other nations, which have refused to meet with far-right ministers who publicly support the anti-democratic attacks. Despite this broad consensus, recent media reports confirmed that the Celebrate Israel Parade has nonetheless decided to host a record number of Israeli government ministers and officials. Some of them represent the most racist, homophobic, and authoritarian elements of this government. The delegation includes nine ministers. Among them, Minister of Heritage Amichai Eliyahu of the Jewish supremacist Otzma Yehudit party (Jewish Power), with which the Biden administration and other countries’ diplomats refuse to meet. The European Union recently canceled a Europe Day reception over the planned participation of the chair of the Otzma Yehudit Party, Itamar Ben Gvir, a man criminally convicted of support for a terrorist organization. Minister Eliyahu, who has called upon the government “not to compromise” on the judicial overhaul, also advocates limiting the Law of Return by repealing the Grandchild Clause, a proposal described by the Union for Reform Judaism as “an effort to shun those worldwide who identify as Jews.” One of the most unequivocal homophobes in government, Eliyahu often speaks out against the gay rights movement, which he calls “the LGBT terror.” Minister of Aliyah, Ofir Sofer, will represent the far-right Religious Zionism party in the Parade. The party’s leader, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, arrived in the U.S. and Europe in March for a formal visit but was refused contact by any federal, state, and local officials as well as most Jewish organizations. Also invited to the Parade is Minister of Information Galit Distel Atbaryan, an outspoken proponent of the assault on the judiciary. She is notorious for spreading “deep-state” conspiracy theories about the anti-government demonstrations, and often uses inflammatory remarks when denouncing protesters. She has named them “weaklings fallen by the wayside,” “not the people of Israel,” and called to revoke the medical licenses of doctors who took part in a labor strike against the anti-democratic legislation. Finally, the Parade will also host the architect of the judicial overhaul, Simcha Rothman, the chair of the Knesset’s Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee. Rothman, who holds some of the most radical views in the coalition concerning restricting the judiciary’s independence, is single-handedly pushing through the legislation in the Knesset, and now threatens to break the coalition apart if the legislation is not passed. After being ostracized by mainstream Jewish organizations and the U.S. government, these officials have now found a backdoor into the Jewish-American community through the Celebrate Israel Parade. This is an insult to the many hundreds of thousands of Israelis and American Jews who have been fighting for democracy in cities across Israel and the U.S.
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    Created by shula gilad
  • Delta Air Lines adopt Proposal 6, respect your Employees' right to organize without interference
    A major Delta Air Line Shareholder has submitted Proposal 6 to it's Board of Directors for approval. Proposal 6 requests that Delta Air Lines adopt a Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Policy. This simply means that Delta Air Lines should respect it's employees right to join a union of their choosing without interference and intimidation.
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    Created by Gameli Appiah
  • Legalize Cannabis NOW Hoosiers.
    The legalization of cannabis in the great hoosier state is long overdue. The medical efficacy of this most beneficial plant has been shown in tens of thousands of papers peer reviews study and clinical trials across the world and in our nation . The need to give free and certain access to medical cannabis is a must This is a basic human rights issue as we all have the right to the pursuit of happiness and liberty . We all have an inalienable right to live a healthy quality life and cannabis is a huge part of being able to do so. No governing body should have the right or capability to restrict safe proven and effective medical treatments. The social injustice these archaic laws cause is criminal . We destroy the family structure, livelihoods, careers, and dreams. The incarceration of cannabis consumers must end ,this non violent non crime is an atrocity and a stain upon our state Some 280 million Americans enjoy thier right to choose We I. No way want to infringe upon anyone's right of choice we ask for the same courtesy. Indiana law keeps sick folk sick and kill folks by denial of treatment options. Cannabis may be the most beneficial plant man kind has ever encountered, managing and curing a plethora of illnesses and conditions The legalization of cannabis around the nation has brought a drop in crime and in addiction to substances such as opiods and prescription medication . Legalization has proven to help decrease teenage use of cannabis in state forward enough to give its citizens thier freedom So today we ask you our lawmakers and representatives to move on this most critical.subject . Some 60 plus percent of hoosiers feel cannabis should be legal medically, well over 80 percent believe it shouldn't be a criminal offense to possess or use cannabis and around 65 percent of hooseirr support adult recreational use . Indiana is in a unique position to be able to draft and inactive the best most consumer friendly legalization in the nation as we can glean from all the other 44 states that have some sort of cannabis legalization and make a bill for the people by the people We ask for an immediate moratorium on marijuanna arrest and prosecution till our law makers can structure acceptable laws that allow hoosiers the freedom of choice in our mental physical and emotional health care needs and our recreational choices as well. Respectfully the citizens of Indiana and MO/CO UNITED FOR CANNABIS LEGALIZATION.
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    Created by Jeff and Nicole Goins Picture
  • Demand Target Put Pride 2023 Merch Back Into the Stores!
    Target removed Pride 2023 merch because far right anti-LGBTQ people demanded Target stop supporting attire attributed to gender and sexuality. The LGBTQ community deserves the support that Target Pride merch offered. They’ve been making money off of Pride for 10 years and now it’s time they support us!
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    Created by Jennifer Cirino
  • Pass the Victim's Fair Treatment Act
    Dear North Carolina General Assembly, North Carolinians, like myself, are faced with a serious problem involving the Contributory Negligence law that is currently in place. With the Contributory Negligence law, victims and their families are not treated fairly nor are they given fair trials. As a North Carolina resident, voter, and the daughter of a victim, I'm asking you to support SB 477, the Victims' Fair Treatment Act. This new law would place North Carolina with the majority of states that use the Comparative Negligence law, which apportions fault and does not allow an individual to recover if they are more than 50% at fault. An award is discounted by an individual's percentage portion of fault. Under the current North Carolina law, a person who is only 1% at fault cannot recover at all, and this is unfair. It also puts a strain on our medical providers and insurers when the injured party does not receive a fair settlement that satisfies unpaid medical bills and health insurance subrogation liens. People are often set back financially from being out of work and will take lower settlements because they are desperate for money and are afraid to risk a zero verdict because of the contributory negligence defense. With the current Contributory Negligence Law, those who are negligent have no financial responsibility to compensate the victim for the injury or death they caused when the victim was partially at fault for not watching out or being careful for their safety. I strongly encourage you to stand with us and help make the changes needed to protect our citizens. Vote for SB 477, The Victim's Fair Treatment Act to change the North Carolina Law to the fair Comparative Negligence Law.
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    Created by Samantha Hinson
  • Demand Congress Ratify 2nd Amendment to Exclude Assault Weapons
    Subject: Petition to Demand Congress Ratify the 2nd Amendment to Exclude Assault Weapons Dear Congress Members, We hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. We are writing to you as a concerned citizen and a passionate advocate for public safety. It is with a sense of urgency and deep conviction that we implore you to take immediate action to address the critical issue of assault weapons in our society by ratifying the 2nd Amendment to exclude these weapons. The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution has long been a topic of discussion and interpretation, and it is crucial that we continually reassess its application in light of evolving societal needs and the grave threats we face in the modern world. While we acknowledge the importance of the right to bear arms for self-defense and the protection of individual liberties, it is imperative that we draw a line when it comes to assault weapons. Assault weapons are designed for one purpose: to cause maximum harm and destruction in the shortest amount of time. These weapons possess capabilities that far exceed those needed for self-defense or sporting purposes. Their use in mass shootings and acts of domestic terrorism has resulted in countless innocent lives lost, leaving a trail of devastation in our communities. The tragic incidents that have occurred across our nation serve as painful reminders of the urgent need for action. It is our moral obligation to safeguard the lives of our fellow citizens and create an environment where everyone feels safe and secure. By ratifying the 2nd Amendment to exclude assault weapons, Congress can take a significant step towards achieving this goal. We understand that the issue of gun control is complex, and there are differing opinions on how to address it. However, it is crucial that we find common ground and prioritize public safety over personal preferences. By limiting access to assault weapons, we can reduce the frequency and severity of mass shootings, thereby saving lives and preventing further heartbreak. We urge you, as elected representatives, to take a stand on behalf of the constituents you serve. Please use your influence and legislative power to support measures that will ensure the ratification of the 2nd Amendment to exclude assault weapons. Let us work together to create a society that values life, protects its citizens, and promotes peace. Your commitment to promoting public safety will be remembered and appreciated by those you represent. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we trust that you will act in the best interests of our communities and our nation. Sincerely.
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    Created by Tony Churchill
  • Expel George Santos
    George Santos is facing 13 counts on federal charges, including wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and making materially false statements to the House. He is completely unfit to stay in office and must be expelled. Add your name to demand your lawmakers vote YES on the resolution to expel Santos from the House of Representatives—or be held accountable for their inaction come 2024.
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    Created by Maggie Moore
  • Don't let Republicans cut food assistance for American families
    Millions of families across the country struggle to put food on the table—and it’s been even harder since the pandemic-related boost to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) ended in March. Republicans in Congress are demanding huge cuts to the budget—including programs millions of families rely on like SNAP—in return for their vote not to let the US default on its debt. But the reality is that if they’re concerned about spending, all they need to do is make corporations and billionaires pay their fair share of taxes! Is it too much to ask the corporations to stop charging so much for groceries and that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes? Tell Congress to keep their hands off SNAP!
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    Created by Ruth Rodriquez
  • request a change in one of the outdoor Shatto Park tennis courts from regular tennis to pickleball
    Dear CA Los Angeles City Shatto Park , We are writing to request a change in one of the outdoor Shatto Park tennis courts from regular tennis to pickleball. Specifically, I would like to request that one tennis court be converted to four pickleball courts. Pickleball is a rapidly growing sport that is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. With the conversion of one tennis court into four pickleball courts, more people would be able to enjoy this exciting sport at your facility. I believe that this change would also benefit the park in many ways, including increased usage of the court, attracting more visitors, and potentially generating more revenue for the park. Additionally, pickleball is a sport that is less physically demanding than tennis, making it more accessible to a wider range of people. I hope that you will seriously consider my request and make the necessary changes to accommodate the growing demand for pickleball in our community. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely,
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    Created by Jay Jongyoup Hahn