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To: School boards and parents

Self-charged electric school buses with continuous climate control

Self-charged electric school buses with continuous climate control

The Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions is linked at The Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions displays profiles of 27 Larger Generators, 35 Smaller Generators, 29 Advanced Self-Powered Electric Vehicle Innovations, 29 Radioactivity Neutralization Methods, 30 Space Travel Innovations, 23 Technical Solutions to Water Shortages, and a Torsion Field School Network.

The new self-charged electric school bus exhibit file has been uploaded into the Transportation Inventions category of Its caption reads:

Self-Charged Electric School Bus with Continuous Climate Control Even While Parked. Compressed air-driven vortex tubes are switched between 90% cold air and 10% hot air, or 90% hot air and 10% cold air. Power for the air compressor and electric drive motors provided by one of nine electricity generators. This exhibit was displayed in the September 25, 2021 electric vehicle festival in the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.

These nine generators were cherry picked from the Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions. To my knowledge all of these self-charged electric school bus inventions are fully validated. To build a prototype would simply need straightforward sweat engineering, sufficient financing to bring these buses to market, and an organized entity with a will to accomplish this task. The Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions includes 13 more generators that appear to be candidates for powering electric school buses.

Parents and school boards should loudly demand self-charged school buses to provide safer, cheaper, cleaner and more comfortable rides for school children.

Why is this important?

The more parents and school boards are vigorously demanding self-charged school buses the sooner school bus manufacturers would invest in developing and deploying practical proven self-charged electric school buses.

How it will be delivered

Deliver the petition to school boards.


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