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To: Jay Inslee's Office

Senate Bill 5141- Climate Justice Task Force

Senate Bill 5141- Climate Justice Task Force

We want them to pass the senate bill 5141 for climate justice. We need signatures to hold Washington's government accountable for facing the ecological crisis and giving every person equal care.

Why is this important?

While privileged communities get to drive through tree-lined neighborhoods, underserved communities are left with thick polluted air and chain linked fences, this is climate injustice. Senate bill 5141 will be implementing a climate justice task force, this will make sure everyone is protected from the climate crisis. The task force provided will take into account the health issues that come with climate change, for example, lung issues from inhaling poor air quality. Reducing environmental health inequities will keep hundreds of people safe and taken care of. The environmental health disparities map "shows pollution measures such as diesel emissions and ozone, as well as proximity to hazardous waste sites" (Washington State Department of Health). Senate Bill 5141 would have government officials refer to the map more to keep polluted areas of Washington under control, as well as keeping underserved communities safe. We need to ensure this bill gets passed so that all communities are protected and accounted for.

How it will be delivered

To Governor Jay Inslee directly.



2021-04-23 03:30:29 -0400

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