To: The United States Senate

Senate: Do not let Trump's picks go unvetted

People's Action

Do not hold hearings for Donald Trump's nominees until the ethics review process has been completed.

Why is this important?

***UPDATE: Your pressure is working! The congressional hearings for four of Trump's nominees have been delayed. Let's keep up the pressure to ensure all nominees are thoroughly vetted before their hearings.***

Starting with Jeff Sessions, the Senate is trying to hurry through congressional hearings for 10 of Donald Trump's controversial Cabinet nominations—before the nominees have gone through the standard ethics review process.

The director of the nonpartisan Office of Government Ethics said that this rushed schedule is "of great concern," and that this may leave some of Trump's selections with "potentially unknown or unresolved ethics issues."

We can't sit back and let the Senate confirm millionaires, billionaires, and politicians influenced heavily by corporate lobbyists without insisting that they undergo standard background and ethics checks.