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To: Milton High Administration

Senior Class Walk

Senior Class Walk

We wish to allow the Class of 2020 to continue to have our senior class walk.

Why is this important?

We were promised this walk since our freshmen year, for it to be taken from us for no reason at all is completely ridiculous.


Reasons for signing

  • Need your support
  • Seniors have done so much and deserve what they want.
  • It's hard enough to get kids to stay in school these days. Give them the encouragement to stay. They put up with academics, teachers, peers, administrators, etc for 13 years. They deserve their senior walk. They deserve to show off for a moment and say "I did it". They deserve to pass on encouragement to other children and say "you can do it too". This world is full of enough wrong, make this right! Let the seniors walk!!!!


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