To: Jimmy John's CEO, Jimmy John Liautaud

Seriously, Jimmy John’s? Stop trying to make it impossible for your workers to find new jobs!

We call on Jimmy John’s to end their oppressive non-compete policy that prevents sandwich makers and cooks from getting jobs at any place that makes sandwiches even years after leaving the company. It’s time for Jimmy John’s to stop treating workers like property and get rid of this policy – not to mention pay a living wage.

Why is this important?

Get this: Jimmy John’s makes ALL of their employees sign an extreme non-compete agreement that’s not only far outside of the norm for the industry, it’s completely CRAZY. Workers who leave Jimmy John’s for any reason – even if they’re fired – are barred for TWO years from getting jobs at any restaurant that sells sandwiches within 3 miles of ANY Jimmy John’s location. That means a sandwich maker or a delivery driver will have an even tougher time finding a job after she leaves Jimmy John’s.

It’s time for Jimmy John’s to get rid of this oppressive and totally insane policy – not to mention pay their workers enough to support their families.