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To: State Farm

State Farm: Employees & Agents of Color Demand Racial Equality & Equity in the Workplace

With the recent traumatic events of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, America has been forced to take a good look at the racial and social injustice BIPOC face in this country.

These horrific murders of Black Americans have not just pushed for police brutality to come to an end, but now people around the world are pushing for racial and social reform in all areas and industries. The time is now, to demand equality and equity in all places including, the workplace.

State Farm is a good company, and employs a diverse workforce, both internally and on the agency side. However, diversity does not equal equality and equity. State Farm, like most corporations, don’t have enough minority representation in management/leadership positions. State Farm, like most corporations, believe they are doing enough, by making public statements and donations. State Farm, like most corporations, believe if they put ONE POC in a high leadership position, they are doing enough. It is not enough! Racial inequality and inequity has been apart of the corporate landscape for generations. The time is now to not just talk about change, but demand change!

We need you! We need your support! We need your signature! Please sign this petition to show State Farm you’re tired of talk, and you demand more actions. Sign this petition if you’ve experienced or witnessed one or more of the following at State Farm:

• Have you or someone you know been let go unfairly?
• Have you or someone you know been passed over for promotions by less qualified people?
• Have you or someone you know had to go scratch or was given a smaller book of business?
• Have you or someone you know experienced or seen racism at work?
• Have you or someone you know received less resources to help you succeed, compared to others?
• Have you or someone you know experienced microaggresions in the workplace?
• Have you felt afraid to speak up for yourself in fear you will face corporate backlash (i.e. not being promoted or getting fired)?
• Would you like to see more People of Color in leadership positions?
• Would you like to have a clearly defined path to achieve a leadership role, that is transparent to all?


Why is this important?

Your signature is powerful! Your experience is powerful! By signing this petition you’re demanding to see real changes at State Farm. By signing this petition you’re taking a stand, letting them know you’re not satisfied. By signing this petition your showing State Farm proof that there has been, and still is racial inequality and inequity within the company.

It’s time to hold State Farm accountable. It’s time to demand change. It’s time to unite the company. It’s time for State Farm to be “Like a good neighbor” to ALL their employees & agents.




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