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To: Churchill , PA Borough Council Members

Stop Amazon from Killing Our Communithy

Stop Amazon from Killing Our Communithy

Vote "NO" on the proposed mega Amazon distribution warehouse center project.The steep hillside which Amazon's developer proposes to level and remove over 1400 mature trees is life threatening and an environmental disaster in the making. At a time of global warming, massive destruction of trees due to fires and floods due to violent storms to cut more trees is not the way to keep the Earth and its inhabitants alive. A mature tree like the ones Amazon plans to clear absorb 50 pounds of CO2 a year plus retain gallons of water. Deforestation of this area impacts not only Churchill but nearby low lying, distressed communities with the threat of catastrophic flooding and dangerously poor air quality. We already live in a region where air quality is at a critical level. Vote "NO" on this poorly ill-conceived proposal.

Why is this important?

Errors, omissions and inconsistencies riddle Amazon's developers plan. As objectors testify under oath the full picture becomes clear and it is not what the Council members were presented when they agreed to consider this proposal. The lack of transparency does not allow for any informed decision. The proposal and objections are on public view at the Churchill, PA Borough website. If you agree this is the wrong business approach; if you care for the environment; if you want have clean water and air for the future generations you will sign this petition.


Reasons for signing

  • Churchill is 10 miles east of Pittsburgh and dates back to 1773. 2.5 square miles in area with a population of 3,011. If this mega warehouse center the size of 6 football fields is built in this residential community, not only will trees and wildlife be destroyed so will the old community. It will not be accessible to future generations including its public greenways. Air quality will be destroyed and flooding inevitable.


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