To: The United States Senate

Stop Andy Puzder!

Members of the Senate must reject the nomination of Andy Puzder, one of the worst fast-food CEO’s, to lead the department of labor. He opposes the minimum wage and doesn’t care about his employees - he is simply unfit to be put in charge protecting our nation’s workers.

Why is this important?

The Senate is about to hold hearings on Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Labor -- one of the WORST fast-food CEO’s, Andy Puzder of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.

I work at Hardee’s under Puzder. I know first-hand -- we MUST fight his nomination.

I was paid far too little to live -- just $7.35 per hour -- and see health and safety violations all over the place at my restaurant.

Puzder makes more in a day than many employees make in a year -- and he even opposes the minimum wage

Now Trump wants to put Puzder in charge of enforcing the very laws that he broke as CEO. We won’t, we can’t, back down.