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To: Amazon

Amazon: Stop Attacking Women's Health

Amazon: Stop Attacking Women's Health

Support women's health. Stop wrongly classifying FDA-approved products that help women in pain.

Why is this important?

Amazon has abused its monopoly power to hurt small businesses and women in need.

Even though it's often hard to talk about, pelvic floor dysfunction is a common challenge for millions of women, especially after birth or sexual trauma. But Amazon is making it difficult to find products that help in affordable and effective ways.

After giving birth to my son, my medical professional recommended I use such a product, sold by a small business in Kansas City, to accelerate recovery.

What a shock to realize that Amazon has decided to classify these health care devices as "adult products"— no different than sex toys. As a result, these devices will be almost impossible to find on Amazon, while the small businesses who produce them will struggle to stay afloat. When products from one company were misclassified in the past, their sales plummeted by 80 percent.

Most men don't even know about pelvic floor problems and, as with so much in women's health, it's unfortunately almost taboo to talk about. But it's Amazon that should be ashamed — not women who are recovering from childbirth or sexual trauma. Combine Amazon's unfettered market power with its corporate indifference to women's health, and what we get is disastrous results for both women in need and small businesses.


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