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To: Oppose Dollar General Development in Granville, OH

Stop Dollar General

Dear D.R. Horton Leadership,
We, the undersigned residents of Granville, Ohio, express our strong opposition to the proposed development of a Dollar General Market on the land located at Ephriam Dr, Granville, OH 43023, Parcel: 025-068070-00.001, currently under contract with D.R. Horton, "America's Home Builder."

While we acknowledge and support the need for commercial development in our community, we vehemently oppose the establishment of a Dollar General on this particular parcel. Dollar General, though a prominent brand, has become infamous for various reasons that are contrary to the values and well-being of our community. Our concern is that the presence of a Dollar General Market will have detrimental effects on the character, atmosphere, and property values of our community.

By signing this petition, we wish to convey our collective disapproval of Dollar General as the chosen development for this land. We believe that a brand known for controversies and negative impacts on communities should not be a part of the community landscape.

Furthermore, we want to make it clear that our efforts to prevent the development of a Dollar General on this land do not end with this petition. We are committed to being vocal and active in opposing the establishment of a Dollar General, and we will make our voices heard in various forums.

We also want to bring attention to the fact that D.R. Horton, "America's Home Builder," is involved in this transaction. We believe that selling us properties and subsequently taking actions that may devalue them is not in the best interest of the community or its residents.

In signing this petition, we join together to protect the integrity of our community and to express our collective voice against the development of a Dollar General on the specified parcel. We call upon local authorities, D.R. Horton, and all stakeholders involved to reconsider this decision and explore alternative, more community-friendly options for the development of this land.

Thank you for standing with us in preserving the values and well-being of our community.

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