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To: Georgia General Assembly

Stop Henry County from becoming a dictatorship - Say "NO" to SB-22!

Stop Henry County from becoming a dictatorship - Say "NO" to SB-22!

Vote "NO" to SB-22!

Why is this important?

SB-22 would give fourteen unprecedented powers to the Chair of the Henry County Board of Commissioners. It establishes that the Commission Chair can “develop the policies of the county” (522-523), essentially granting the Chair unilateral control over the county government.

Our nation is built on the principles of shared and balanced power. SB-22 concentrates that power in the hands of the Commission Chair. It only affects Henry County, and no reason is given for why it is being done. No elected or non-elected official approached the residents of Henry County before attempting to pass this legislation. We have been caught completely off-guard. As residents of Henry County, we must oppose this legislation.

A dictatorship must never have a chance to take hold in Henry County. Government power should never be concentrated in the hands of a single individual, regardless of their loyalty or political party. Stand with the principles of good government and tell your representatives and senators in the General Assembly to vote “NO” to SB-22. Don’t let a dictatorship harm Henry County.

We cannot blindly grant such tremendous powers to unknown future chairs. We must protect our children and our county's future.

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