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To: Republican Caucus in Pennsylvania State Senate

Stop Stealing our Money and Privacy for a Lie

Stop Stealing our Money and Privacy for a Lie

Dear Majority Leader Corman, dear Pennsylvania Republican State Senate Caucus

We are saddened, disgusted and angry that you are spending our tax dollars on an explorative faux inquiry into election integrity. You are paid and you took an oath to uphold the constitution of Pennsylvania and this inquiry actively seeks to undermine that constitution, with our money, as taxpayers and legitimate, non-fraudulent voters. In short, you are taking voters' money to take voters' right to vote away from us.

There is absolutely no factual or meritorious theoretical basis for you to use taxpayer funds to try to gin up anger among disinformed voters about the legitimacy of elections, especially when data in the 2020 census helps to explain shifts in voting behaviors.

Any unbiased onlooker knows that this is a political charade to sow further distrust in elections so that your party can form a baseline to repeat the ludicrous post-election litigation and disinformation campaign that you led with the Trump administration in the wake of the 2020 elections. Worse, the goal is to spread doubt among the citizens of Pennsylvania, grant legitimacy to a sore loser and pave the way for the party to annihilate democracy in the United States.

Further, your efforts are designed, not to follow best practices relating to audits or any advice of any elections experts, but rather to fish aimlessly around Pennsylvania in hopes of uncovering some incident that you can amplify, lie about and then leverage so that you can choose who wins future elections. You were all candidates in the 2020 election and, yet, you are set to subpoena voter information, which, if anything, is the election fraud, as you are sharing this with private individuals and have the opportunity to target those who have not voted for you.

Pennsylvania has real problems. Election integrity is not one of them.

If you are not in office to work for Pennsylvanians, as they actually vote and not as you want to try
to defraud them into voting, then we ask that you please resign.

If you cannot win an election without stealing our voter records and sharing them with private companies, then you should not be running for any office.

In any event, we demand the immediate cessation of your fraudulent elections inquiry that is costing PA voters money and, ultimately, destroying our democracy and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Why is this important?

To save democracy in Pennsylvania

How it will be delivered

Letter to the Editor in major PA newpapers, Email and Mail to Senators


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