To: Department of Homeland Security, Rep. Jim Himes (CT-4), Sen. Richard Blumenthal (CT-1), and Sen. Christopher Murphy (CT-2)

Stop the deportation of Nury Chavarria, mother of four, church member, and sole supporter of 4 ch...

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Nury has been told to self deport by July 20th, or she will be taken into custody. Nury has one child with Cerebral Palsy - and 3 other minor children. Nury's kids need her. She is the sole provider.

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UPDATE: Nury's request for a stay has been DENIED. She was scheduled to leave her 4 children on Thursday, July 20th. This would have meant she could not enter the US for 10 years. Instead, Nury has chosen to take sanctuary in a church in New Haven.

We're contininuing to support the children through a GoFundMe page, as Nury Chavarria is now considered a fugitive and cannot financially support her children. But, she can hug them. She's a mom.

Nury is not a criminal- she's a law abiding mother whose children need her. She fled the violence of Guatemala in 1993 seeking asylum in the US. She is a working mother who has complied with ICE requests for 24 years.
There is NO COMPELLING reason to deport a young mother with dependent US children. Help us stop this inhumane treatment of our neighbors. This petition is sponsored by CT Shoreline Indivisible.