To: Christopher Cronen, ICE Field Office Director, Todd Thurlow, ICE New England Field Director, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (CT-1), Sen. Christopher Murphy (CT-2), and Rep. Elizabeth Esty (CT-5)

Bring Joel Colindres Home!

Stop the deportation of Joel Colindres, a working father of 2, married to a US citizen for 8 years, who has lived in the US for 14 years. Review his case for a legal stay and keep Joel home.

Why is this important?

**UPDATE: The "Department of Homeland Security" deported Joel Colindres on Wednesday, January 31st. Please sign in hopes to reunite Joel with his family, safely here in the US.

Joel is not a criminal. Joel is/was a hardworking, taxpaying father of 2 small children. He is/was the kindergarten soccer coach, the favorite son-in-law of his combat wounded veteran father in law.

Joel never posed a threat to anyone. He has no criminal record.

Joel fled violence and death threats in Guatemala in 2004. He sought asylum in the USA. Because of a clerical error, Joel's court date notification was mailed to the wrong address in the wrong state. Joel never received that notification- which set his life course in motion.

Joel is happily married to a US citizen and has an approved I-130 and Visa sponsorship thru his wife. Rather than hear his asylum case or allow him to finish the Green Card process through his valid marriage, the "Department of Homeland Security" forced him to take a one way nonstop flight to Guatemala, the very place he fled.

Please follow Joel's family's struggle on the Facebook page "Save Joel Colindres." ICE has made the cruel decision to break this family- but they're going to fight to keep it together. They will continue to fight for justice for Joel!