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To: Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman

Stop the Road Ops Yard Development on Burns Crossing Road

There are many issues with the planning, decision-making, and implementation of the West County Road Operations Yard relocation to Burns Crossing Road. The development will negatively impact the natural environment, road traffic, and safety of the surrounding residential communities. The development does not follow the same values and concerns raised in Plan2040. The relocation needs to be halted and a proper site evaluation needs to be conducted to find a more suitable location.

Why is this important?

The West County Road Ops Yard is an industrial operation that houses many large trucks and hazardous materials that are inconsistent with the surrounding residential communities. The development will require significant deforestation and destruction of the environment and the natural buffer between the communities and the landfill. It will cause additional traffic to an already heavily congested single lane road and creates a safety risk for the children's bus stop at the entrance to the community. The community was not consulted during the planning of the relocation and it has been hidden from the public view due to loopholes used by the county. The county needs to halt the relocation planned, and find a suitable location that does not negatively impact the community residents. A proposal was made and submitted to the county with little to no response on several of the issues outlined. To find out more information and see the proposal you can access the google drive linked here.




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