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To: Congress

Stop Trump from indefinitely detaining Americans

Stop Trump from indefinitely detaining Americans

Donald Trump must never, ever have the power to indefinitely detain people. You must oppose his horrific proposal to suspend the Constitution and give judges the power to throw people he doesn't like into prison for as long as he wants.

Why is this important?

Donald Trump's Department of Justice wants to use the Coronavirus to get Congress to give him shocking new power to indefinitely detain people and suspend constitutional rights.

This is a terrifying request and represents a stunning escalation of Trump's authoritarian tendencies. Rather than go all out to stop the coronavirus and save our ailing economy, Trump wants to instead focus on expanding his powers to harass opponents and throw his enemies in jail.

One legal expert on CNN said "Can you imagine being arrested and not brought before a judge indefinitely? This isn’t how America is supposed to work." He's right. Tell Congress right now to stop Trump's awful proposal dead in its tracks.


Reasons for signing

  • This guy is nuts. Power goes to his head and he wants to lock up anyone who disagrees with him.
  • Unfortunately, we all know that the President is not listening to the Scientists, our Health Care Professionals, and the victims of this virus. He is listening to himself, and the least we can do is ignore him and the best we can do is campaign for a different President in November.
  • Sieg Heil, y’all...


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