To: Rep. Andy Kim (NJ-3)

Stop Trumpcare 2.0

Tell Rep. Tom MacArthur: Drop your bill to take health care away from millions, including people like me with preexisting conditions.

Why is this important?

Republicans are trying (yet again) to repeal our health care. Their plan would push more than 24 million people off their health coverage, just to boost profits for drug and insurance corporations and give tax breaks to billionaires. Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ), my congressman, is leading the charge.

My name is Barbara Blonsky and I live in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) literally saved my life. I was diagnosed with breast cancer more than 20 years ago. Because of the ACA, I have been able to get the care I need, even though I have a pre-existing condition.

Now, Rep. MacArthur is pushing other Republicans to repeal the ACA and undermine protections for people like me, with pre-existing conditions. It would also gut Medicaid and raise premiums. Sign my petition and demand Rep. MacArthur and his Republican pals drop their bill. Let's kill this bill before it kills us.


Reasons for signing

  • stop it! health is a right not a privilege. you shall not pass this.
  • I'm a type 2 diabetic. Without the ACA I would very likely be dead now. I was diagnosed diabetic within a few days of getting health care coverage through the ACA. My blood sugar was at dangerous levels. I am alive now and a little healthier every day all because I was able to get medical coverage. Please, for the love of life, put this abomination that's being called Trumcare down. There are millions of lives at stake.
  • will not allow GOP to take money from need to give the richest 1 percent a tax break. FUCK the GOP and Trump!