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Support a FREE Direct File for Tax Returns

Americans shouldn’t have to pay profit-hungry companies in order to use a program to file taxes online. A free alternative has been rolled out in 12 states so far, and that's great, but the IRS must prioritize making this software as broadly available as possible to give everyone a public option for electronic tax filing.

Why is this important?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced a new tax filing software that went live for 12 states in 2024. This question-based software will allow people to send their returns electronically to the government for free!

If broadly available, this software would allow Americans to avoid profit-hungry companies that act as middlemen when we e-file our taxes.

But the tax preparation lobby strongly opposed IRS free direct filing software, and it was difficult to even get the 12 states we had in 2024 in a pilot—so we need your help to demonstrate overwhelming support for the program!

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