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Support Amazon workers' right to form a union

Support Amazon workers' right to form a union

We urge you to use all of your power to support Amazon's workers and their right to join a union -- including breaking up Amazon itself, which has become so rich and powerful that it threatens our democracy and our economy.

Why is this important?

This is a BFD: President Biden spoke out in support of a unionizing drive at Amazon's Bessemer warehouse in Alabama, where over 6,000 workers are about to vote whether to form Amazon's first unionized warehouse in the US.

This could pave the way for more worker organizing against the dangerous Big Tech behemoth.

In response, Amazon hired a Koch-backed anti-union consultant to help thwart the crucial election.

Organizing a union at a monopolistic company Amazon isn't easy. Jeff Bezos is using every bit of the power and wealth he has amassed to stop workers. We need to support them -- and that includes regulating and breaking up Amazon's power, reducing their overall power and size and making it easier for workers to organize.


Reasons for signing

  • I care about workers' rights to humane conditions.
  • Unions built the middle class and helped many people from corporate greed.
  • People have died for the cessation of child labor, for the right to a livable wage. Let them unionize!!


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