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To: The University of Michigan Board of Regents

Supporting #FightBackUmich: Alumni Petition

We the Alumni of the University of Michigan stand with current students and their requests of the most recent tuition increase to be overturned.

At the Board of Regents Meeting on Monday, June 29th, a tuition increase of 1.9% was approved for the UM Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses, and an increase of 3.9% was approved for the UM Flint campus. We believe these increases are unjustified and insensitive not only due to the economic hardships students are experiencing at this time, but also due to the fact that most of UM’s academic classes will be conducted online.

Alongside and in support of all Wolverines, alumni are demanding the recognition and nullification of the financial strain imposed by the Board of Regents. We will demonstrate our commitment to the integrity of the UM community by refusing to donate until our demands are met.

Why is this important?

For years the university has ignored the voices of students from their satellite campuses when they continuously ask for more funding and financial support. For years the university has ignored the voices of their out-of-state students - even those who would qualify for significant financial assistance if they were Michigan residents - and international students. For years Ann Arbor students have been uninformed of the hardships of the Flint and Dearborn students, thus unintentionally enabling the regents to continue silencing their voices and disregarding their requests.

Today and together we stand - the bodies of previous and current students merge into one in hopes of a better tomorrow as we face sickness and an economic recession.

Leaders and best, let’s set an example for other universities in this country by listening to those who represent our purpose as an institution of higher learning - the students. Let us rise from hardships together, helping one another. We are all affected by COVID-19 in various manners, and can utilize our empathy and understanding for a better future with upcoming generations, our now leaders and best.

These are monumental times, where we are asking for a better world that we can actually build and fulfill. Let’s work together and cultivate genuine inclusivity, so that all students can confidently and proudly say “Go Blue!” when it’s their time to graduate.



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