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To: Your Minnesota Legislators

Stand with MN Immigrants Support the North STAR Act

Sign below to tell your Minnesota legislators to vote YES on the North STAR Act. Vote YES to Safety, Trust & Respect for Minnesota’s immigrant communities.

The proposed bill protects immigrants by prohibiting state and local law enforcement from using state resources for immigration enforcement. North STAR aims to guarantee the privacy and protection of data for all Minnesota residents.

The possible outcome of this year's federal elections are already creating fear. Minnesota must act NOW to enact legislation that will increase the safety of our state's immigrants.

Why is this important?

Ten percent of Minnesota's residents are immigrants. They are our neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers. They work, pay taxes, and contribute billions of dollars to state revenue every year. Still, many are subject to arbitrary and prolonged detention, exorbitant bail, or even deportation as a result of trivial interactions with local law enforcement.

Blurring the lines between law enforcement and immigration enforcement erodes trust between immigrants and police, uproots beloved community and family members from their homes, and enables racial profiling. Doing better by immigrant communities in Minnesota benefits us all.

Many immigrants don't trust law enforcement because it can double as immigration enforcement. This creates fear that they may be turned over to ICE detention in asking for help. As a result, many immigrants avoid reporting crimes or seeking emergency services.

Immigration detention doesn't keep us safe. Almost 2/3 of those held in ICE detention have no criminal record. Most immigrants referred to ICE detention by local law enforcement have only minor offenses, like traffic violations. ICE detention often removes a primary breadwinner from immigrant households. This can push families into financial crisis. When parents are at home families are safer and healthier.

The North STAR Act will benefit all Minnesotans. Immigrants will be able to seek medical care and emergency services without fear. Employers will benefit from a more stable workforce. Law enforcement can use freed up resources on more appropriate public safety tasks.

How it will be delivered

The Minnesota Immigrant Rights Committee and other members of the North Star Coalition plan to attend meetings and share these signatures with legislators. Your signature will show that there is support behind this bill and encourage our lawmakers to stand with immigrants. Anti-immigrant groups and individuals are already fighting this initiative so your support makes a big difference!





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