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To: Summit County Colorado Government, Citizens, Residents and Parents

Support the Summit County (CO) Superintendent Dr. Marion Smith, Jr. and the Entire School Board

Support the Summit County (CO) Superintendent Dr. Marion Smith, Jr. and the Entire School Board

Support the Summit County School Board's efforts to strive for equitable education. Equitable education is social justice, it is racial justice and it is climate justice, they are all interconnected. Somehow this has become politicized and criticized. Summit County, CO rallied together in June to denounce racism in all forms in the nation and in Summit County. Residents, allies and accomplices vowed to "do better". Part of "doing better" is supporting folks who are doing the work to address and end wealth, education and racial disparities. We have to keep showing up for change. We must stand with the entire school board as they strive for bold necessary change in Summit County, Colorado. Scholars are the future, we must invest in them. The School Board and the Superintendent are committed to this positive work. Thank you board members; Isabel Rodriguez, Chris Alleman, Gini Bradley, Tracey Carisch, Kate Hudnut, Gloria Quintero, Consuelo Redhorse and Superintendent Dr. Marion Smith, Jr.

Why is this important?

No scholar or child should be left behind. Failure to address issues within the school system (or any system) furthers oppression and disparities that have been carried on for decades. We must stand up. Education must be inclusive and representative of all identities, including color, language, culture, ability or disability, gender identity and sexual orientation


Reasons for signing

  • It is an important role of educators to address difficult topics from a place of compassion and honesty. I commend the Summit School Board on their courage in willingness to speak up for what is morally true and right. Thank you


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