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To: Gavin Newsom; Rob Bonta, Diana Becton

Take A Stand on Sexual Assault in California

I would like to advocate for all victims of sexual assault, regardless the circumstances. I would like the law tightened to make sure that those who commit such crimes are punished. There are way too many young women being assaulted and not being punished. Rape kits taking too long to be returned and the victim left to pursue restraining orders on their own. This is unfair and more needs to be done about this. I personally have watched 2 very young women be assaulted and the system is not there to protect them or help them feel safe. The court hearings are brutal just to get a simple restraining order and even then that barely provides any justice. We recently waiting for months for a case to be brought against an assaulter and even provided a recording and more to prove he admitted what he did and still no case or justice for my daughter. This is not right. I understand the accused is a white privileged young man whose father is a professor at a prestigious college but that is no excuse. He followed my daughter around, made her uncomfortable and waited for the right moment to assault her. He hurt her physically and emotionally and bashed her reputation. Now he gets to walk free, no consequences, fines, registrations, therapy, community service etc. This is NOT right. Why is our justice system allowing this. We need change to protect those who have been assaulted and make it right. We need to protect others from individuals like this. This is why repeat offenses happen. Tighten laws and not just for molestation... I will keep this going until things change.

Why is this important?

We need to take a stand and help those who have been assaulted. They matter and we need to help make a safer community. So many do not speak up because its painful and justice does not prevail.


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