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To: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Take action to stop Meta’s new social platform, Threads, from spreading hate and disinformation

Seeking an alternative to Twitter, users have been turning to the recently announced rival from Meta, Threads. However, we can’t put expediency over consumer rights and the public good. Join us as we call on Meta to ensure a set of guardrails to prevent Threads from spreading disinformation, extremism, and hate—and to ensure it won't repeat the errors of current and past social media sites from Big Tech.

Meta needs to confirm that they will:

-Immediately implement robust and comprehensive policies to address violence and hate speech, with a specific plan to protect marginalized communities from online and IRL harassment.

-Invest in and establish guardrails around the creation, use, and distribution of AI and deepfakes that compromise personal and national security.

-Create internal and external structures and teams to ensure public transparency and data privacy and security, including data access and methods for researchers to analyze Threads’ business models, content and moderation practices.

Why is this important?

We cannot jump from one mishandled, corrupted social platform to the next. Meta needs to listen to the public, establish trust, and address serious concerns from the start if they want to grow this new platform.

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