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To: Superintendent Kyle Wolfe and Teays Valley School Board

Teays Valley Petition for Covid Protocols to Protect Students, Teachers, Staff and our Families

Teays Valley Petition for Covid Protocols to Protect Students, Teachers, Staff and our Families

This is a petition to address the Teays Valley School District leaders who are responsible for making decisions during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ohio is at an all time high in coronavirus cases and hospitals have reported pediatric Covid-related have tripled. On December 28th the Ohio Hospital Association and the Ohio Pediatric Hospital Association, representing over 245 hospitals across the state wrote to district leaders pleading for them to issue mask mandates if they currently do not have one in place. The letter was signed by presidents and CEO's of major hospitals including the Chief of Medical Operations for the Cleveland Clinic. Governor DeWine has also called for school districts, upon the start of school after winter break to implement masking to protect the kids and also to lessen hospitalizations within communities and help alleviate the stressed health care system we all depend on. Since the beginning of school in August, the CDC, Ohio Department of Health, Pickaway County Health Department, Ohio Department of Education have all been asking districts to implement masking to help reduce spread and keep children, teachers, staff and our families safe. Parents of vulnerable students within our district have pleaded with superintendents and the school board for them to protect their children. It is time we hold our district leaders accountable for keeping our children safe and heeding the warnings and pleas from entities asking for their help.
Sign this petition to show Teays Valley School District Superintendents, Principals and our school board that we stand in support of mandatory masking for students, teachers and staff and help make a difference.

Why is this important?

Our Teays Valley community is dependent upon the decisions made by our school district. Ohio Covid cases are at an all time high and with new variants like Omicron emerging we need to put efforts into decreasing spread and protecting our kids and the vulnerable among us. Masking at the beginning when winter break is over and school returns is the perfect time to mitigate the surge of Covid cases that we all know and have been warned by experts is going to happen. Reported pediatric Covid-related cases have tripled, vulnerable students are not able to attend in person learning due to the lack of protocol by the district, family members are being infected and hospitalized and children will end up returning to remote learning if school infection rates are not controlled. No Covid protocol in Teays Valley can only lead to what the experts who wrote the letter to the district are warning about; kids getting sick, increased spread, hospitals at capacity and communities suffering. That is NOT helping our children have a "normal" school experience, it is hurting them and everyone around them. Masking is a small effort with an impact. It is the least we should expect from our schools.


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