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To: Ted Wheeler

Ted Wheeler's Resignation

We The People Of Portland Oregon want Ted Wheeler's resignation effective immediately!

Why is this important?

Ted Wheeler has failed time, and time again to listen to the people of Portland. He has failed to be transparent with his texts and connections with any White Nationalist groups. Furthermore, he is the Police Commissioner, and he is responsible for unethically ordering the Portland Police Bureau to turn off their body cams, and in addition block out their badge numbers. His Police have fired on a crowd of over 4,000 with CS gas, shot people unprovoked with rubber bullets, in addition they are targeting the PRESS clearly holding their passes, his Police are inciting violence through aggressive intimidation, and assault on innocent people. We are in the middle of a global pandemic, and meanwhile he failed to meet his promise to listen to Portlanders' many pleas to stop firing gas at the crowd. In addition, it is very dangerous, and could further cause complications with folks suffering from respiratory ailments. Not only this, but the Police have fired into residential neighborhoods with people's windows wide open.

He is not fit to be Mayor, we demand his resignation effective immediately! Last but most important, we need a thorough investigation into the PPB, their broken systemic, and racist Police system that needs to be met with immediate addressing. We need serious reform, and we need you to listen to the city of Portland.

How it will be delivered

I will email them, deliver them in person, and if need be stage a press conference.



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