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To: Columbus City Council

Tell Columbus City Council: Cancel the dangerous North Broadway crossing for the Olentangy Trail

Tell Columbus City Council: Cancel the dangerous North Broadway crossing for the Olentangy Trail

Dear Columbus City Council Members:

The currently-recommended option for "improving" the Olentangy Trail through Clintonville calls for re-routing the crossing of North Broadway westward from Milton to OhioHealth Parkway. This proposal would make the trail FAR more dangerous for pedestrians and bikers, and must be reconsidered.

- North Broadway at OhioHealth Pkwy is seven lanes wide at this point, this intersection involves both a highway on-ramp AND off-ramp where drivers do not expect pedestrians, and has obstructed lines of sight from both the west and north.

- Trail safety improvements at the current crossing (at Milton, where North Broadway is only five lanes wide) could be made for FAR less money than you're planning to spend on the bridge from Northmoor Park. Direct access to the OhioHealth Building from the Olentangy Trail at Milton can easily be built using existing city right-of-way on the south side of North Broadway.

- The proposed bridge from Northmoor Park would also disturb or destroy untouched riparian areas on the west side of the river, which are important for flood control and natural habitat.

So, I ask that you speak with Councilmember Elizabeth Brown, Chair of the Parks and Rec Committee, and ask her to cancel these plans, go back to the drawing board and keep our community's bikers and pedestrians safe.

Thank you.

Why is this important?

The City is planning to spend millions of dollars on an unnecessary bridge and trail segment ... that will take pedestrian and bicycle traffic directly to a highway off-ramp. There are far better and more cost-effective ways to improve trail safety at North Broadway! If built, this ill-advised crossing will be a permanent feature of our city infrastructure for decades. Let's demand that the City of Columbus do better.


Reasons for signing

  • We need more bike infrastructure, not more consideration for streets.


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