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To: Congress

Tell Congress to create safeguards against artificial intelligence (AI) risks

The federal government must move urgently and aggressively to create safeguards against artificial intelligence (AI) abuse because history has shown us all too well how massive multinational corporations will cut legal and ethical corners at the expense of the public interest.

Leading experts in the AI space are sounding the alarm about the "risk of extinction from AI."

Congress must enact comprehensive, powerful AI regulations that will protect the public.

Why is this important?

More than 350 executives, researchers, and engineers who work on artificial intelligence—including the CEO of OpenAI, the company behind the infamous ChatGPT—signed a statement declaring that, "Mitigating the risk of extinction from A.I. should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks, such as pandemics and nuclear war."

The statement was drafted in such a way that a broad range of experts signed on to identify the problem, but the many potential solutions are up to Congress.

We know that Big Tech companies, including Microsoft and Google, spend a lot of money—bankrolling politicians, funding lobbyists, generating propaganda, and hiring armies of lawyers—blatantly trying to weaken regulations or prevent them from being enacted in the first place.

The dangers of AI being exploited for identity theft, privacy violations, and disinformation campaigns are concerning—and so are the risks of massive job losses, abuse by authoritarians, and the unknown limits of this technology's ability to evolve beyond humans' ability to implement safety protocols.

The rapid pace at which AI is evolving requires appropriate action from Congress. We need safeguards now while there is still time to embrace innovative technology while protecting the public.




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